Philips HTL5140

Finlux 48UXE304B-P review

Remember the puzzle about the farmer who needs to get a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain across the river? Well, television manufacturers

Philips HTL5140 review

Pros Big bass output and clear detail Superb cohesion between soundbar and subwoofer Excellent build and discreet design Cons Occasionally overpowering bass Sockets awkward to

Evolve Audio SB-2501 review

Pros Solid build quality Wireless headphones included Punchy, well integrated bass Cons Not enough scale, dynamism or volume for movies No HDMI inputs No text

LG LAS550H review

Pros Solid build quality and attractive design Attacking tone and clear dialogue Cons Bass could be weightier Slightly uneven tonal balance Key Features: 320W quoted