BenQ W8000 review

PROS Superb colour performance Detailed and clean pictures Plenty of brightness CONS Average black levels Rainbow noise High input lag KEY FEATURES Full HD single-chip

Control4 EA-1 Home Automation System Review

PRICE $600 AT A GLANCE Plus 50 context-sensitive programmable buttons on remote IR, serial, and IP-based control Amazon Alexa voice-control integration Minus Controller generates a

BenQ W1210ST review

PROS Superbly low input lag Good contrast and colour Strong movie performance CONS Slight noise in dark movie scenes Some black crush in the best

Monster Clarity HD Wireless In-Ear Earbuds review

OUR VERDICT The Monster Clarity HD Wireless sound great, but using them is an exercise in frustration. For the price, there are better options out

Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Projector Review

PRICE $579 AT A GLANCE Plus Great value Good overall performance Backlit remote control Minus Limited installation features So-so contrast THE VERDICT Good overall performance,

Acer H6517ST review

PROS Detailed, well-balanced pictures Short-throw benefits without the usual negative side effects Good value CONS Pretty noticeable rainbow effect Slightly noisy runner outside of its

Aiptek MobileCinema i70 review

PROS Portable Wireless connectivity Decent black levels CONS Not bright enough Low resolution Unsubtle performance Set up issues iOS 10 compatibility issues KEY FEATURES Built-in

Acer P6200S review

PROS Bright enough to combat ambient light or deliver a very big image Tidy design for such a bright machine Good price for such a

InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080 3D DLP Projector Review

PRICE $549 AT A GLANCE Plus Good value Decent overall performance Capable of high brightness Minus Brightness limits color accuracy So-so contrast THE VERDICT While

Optoma NuForce uDAC5 USB DSD DAC review : This little box reveals all

Pros Broad range of hi-res codec support, including DSD Delivers a noticeable sonic improvement Lightweight and portable Cons No indicators to display the source sampling

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 review

OUR VERDICT The NuForce BE Sport3 features excellent sound, build quality and battery life. Overall, they’re one of the best wireless headphones you can buy,

Samsung Gear Icon X review

OUR VERDICT If you’re looking to cut the cord and step onto the treadmill, Samsung’s Gear Icon X are a fully-featured and comfortable, albeit flawed

Optoma ALR100 review

PROS Exceptionally effective at retaining black level in ambient light Easy to build Not expensive for this sort of screen technology CONS Only works its

Optoma GT5000 review

PROS Easy positioning Requires little space for a massive picture Decent performance even in ambient light CONS Limited adjustment options Noisy fan Inconsistent sharpness Minor

Optoma HD27 review

PROS Sharp Rich colours Bright enough for rooms with light Great for movies and gaming CONS Limited black level Poor built-in sound system Can be

NuForce HEM6 review

Premium in-ears with a price point to match. OUR VERDICT If you can get on board with the price point, the HEM6s are a great

Putting a Big Picture in a Remarkably Small Pocket: 4 Mini Projectors Reviewed

With the warm spring beckoning us Northerners to the outdoors, thoughts of week-long beach vacations or camping trips bring on a serious dilemma: How in

BenQ W1110s review

PROS Good value for what’s on offer Football mode is actually useful Lots of setup flexibility CONS Some care needed with picture setup for movies

Optoma H183X review

PROS Incredible value Genuinely decent video picture quality Easy to carry around and set up CONS Only one HDMI Glowing issue with bright peaks if

Optoma ML750ST review

PROS Excellent picture quality Strong feature count Superbly portable form factor CONS A touch expensive Fiddly remote control Some minor scaling issues KEY FEATURES Ultraportable

Acer V7500 review

PROS Great value for what’s on offer Strong contrast and detail performance Vertical image shift CONS Minor rainbowing Green undertone to dark scenes Runs noisily

Epson EH-TW5300 review

Pros Cute, small design Bright, colourful pictures Runs quietly in Eco lamp mode Cons Below par black-level response Runs noisily in Normal lamp mode Colours

ViewSonic LightStream PJD7830HDL review

Pros Bright, punchy pictures Extremely good price for what’s on offer Thoughtful connectivity Cons Lots of rainbow effect Average black levels Needs very careful setup

Optoma HD50 review

Verdict It’s not the perfect home cinema experience, but there’s plenty to like about the Optoma’s rich, bright and colourful approach For Punchy, bright picture

InFocus IN3138HDa review

Our Verdict A smooth, clean picture for an attractive price, but there are more capable projectors on the market For Clean, bright picture with good

Optoma HD36 Projector Review

Pros Really good 2D and 3D picture quality Good value Adaptable to dark or bright room situations Cons Colours occasionally look slightly unnatural out of

Optoma HD28DSE review

Pros Darbee processing adds remarkable sharpness and detail Strong colour performance Low input lag for gaming Cons Darbee processing is “labour-intensive” Clumsy dynamic black system

Optoma HD26 review

Pros Superb value Good picture quality for the money Decent picture-calibration options Cons Very limited optical zoom Colours need handling with care Minor rainbow effect

BenQ W1080ST+ review

Pros Very good value Good picture quality in most ways Optional wireless video system works very well Cons Red tone during 3D viewing Some rainbow

Optoma HD91 Plus review

Pros Beautiful, cinematic picture quality No need to change lamps Runs very quietly Cons Slow dynamic contrast system Expensive Slightly high input lag Key Features: