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Xbox One S vs PS4.5 Neo vs Nintendo NX: how the new consoles are stacking up

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are shaking up their hardware, but which one is right for you? Announced at E3 2016, the Xbox One S showed off

VTech InnoTab Max Review

The Pros Well-restricted web browser The Cons Sluggish performance; Poor quality camera; Cheap construction; Low-res screen; Below-average battery life; Expensive content Verdict This is the

Raspberry Pi 3 vs Pi 2: What’s the difference?

PI VERSUS PI One year after the Raspberry Pi 2 B was unveiled as the first ‘performance’ Pi, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the

GamePad Digital GPD XD review

Pros Great physical controls Brilliant screen Good emulation performance Cons D-Pad is a tad spongy Takes effort to get up and running Key Features: Rockchip

Modders hack N64 controller to work with Xbox One

Back at E3 this year, Microsoft announced a fancy new Xbox Onecontroller that will let users modify it by swapping out the analog sticks and