Bluesound Node 2i Network Audio Player Review

If software is power, meet a very influential little box indeed What is the Node 2i? The Bluesound Node 2i is a network audio streamer

NAD D 3045 review

Should the NAD D 3045 ever have doubts about its parentage, it won’t need to book a DNA test, nor put in an appearance on The

NAD C 568 review

It gives us great pleasure to note that the CD disc isn’t dead yet. But despite that, it doesn’t go unnoticed that the ratio of

NAD C 338 review

You wouldn’t need to borrow a friend’s hands to count how many £600 stereo amplifiers are capable of streaming music from Spotify, Tidal and Google

NAD C 368 review

The design of NAD’s stereo amplifiers hasn’t altered much down the years. For its Digital series, the Canadian brand strayed a little from its traditional

Bluesound Pulse review

Verdict The Pulse throws its weight behind hi-res audio with aplomb; a slightly soft low-end is all that loses it a star For Solid mid-range

NAD T787 review

Verdict Somewhat underwhelming: a £3,000/$4,500 AV receiver simply needs to deliver more For Good build Tight, controlled sound Powerful Against Low on features Lacks subtlety