lumia 532

Samsung Galaxy J2 review

1. Introduction Samsung is flying high on the wings of its flagships success, but it hasn’t turned its back on the entry-level market. The Galaxy

These are the first 10 Lumias to get Windows 10 Mobile

  Windows 10 has finally rolled out and some have already gotten their first taste of the brand new OS. The first reviews are coming

Microsoft Lumia 435 continues the starter smartphone trend

Microsoft Lumia 435 is almost identical to the Lumia 532.Microsoft   What’s the difference between the Microsoft Lumia 435 here and the Microsoft Lumia 532?

Microsoft’s latest Lumia, 532, continues budget play with Cortana and entry-level specs

In grand Lumia tradition, the 532 comes in some screaming shades.Microsoft   Microsoft announced its latest low-cost Lumia, the Lumia 532, on Wednesday. If models