Jolla tablet

Intex Aqua Fish Hands-on Review

KEY FEATURES Sailfish OS 32GB expandable storage Super Apps 8-megapixel rear camera Unspecified quad-core CPU 2GB RAM Manufacturer: Intex We go hands-on with the first

Jolla Tablet review

Pros Sailfish OS looks great on a tablet Welcome Android app support Good quality screen Cons Slightly creaky build quality Easy to get grubby Sluggish

Jolla now taking tablet pre-orders

Following a massive $US2.5m Indiegogo crowd-funding round, the Jolla tablet, created by a team of former Nokia engineers, is now available for public preorder. The

Jolla and Sailfish OS to split in two, go Nokia’s way

Jolla announces that they’ll be pushing for two separate companies in the near future, one focusing on software, the other on hardware. While they suggest

Jolla hopes to ‘focus’ its mobile plans by splitting in two

Jolla’s mobile efforts have barely begun, but it’s already shaking things up by splittinginto two companies. From now on, Jolla Ltd. is focused solely on

Jolla Tablet makes multitasking easy with gesture control (hands-on)

Jolla’s 8-inch tablet created something of a frenzy on crowdfunding site Indiegogo late last year, achieving its $380,000 target in just 2 hours of the