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Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and along with it is a long list of new features for their device. As expected, Apple received a

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At the launch of the HTC One A9, it was suggested that this newest HTC smartphone looked a whole lot like the most recent design

Android Phone Manufacturer HTC Is Collapsing, and This Stat Is All You Need to Understand Why

HTC’s stock has sunk so low that its entire market capitalization is now worth less than the cash it has in the bank. In layman’s terms,

HTC One X Review

HTC needed to hit reset on its smartphone strategy. Lulled, perhaps, by several years of leading the Android device market, 2011 brought an incredibly strong

HTC One X Review (AT&T)

  AT&T hasn’t wasted any time getting HTC’s new flagship, the One X, onto its network, though the US version of the smartphone has seen

HTC One X+ Review

  HTC’s One X, which launched earlier in the year, turned out to bequite a capable Android handset, and it was leaps and bounds above