Roberts Stream 94i Review

Pros Loud and powerful for a DAB radio Much-improved visual design Wide set of wireless features Cons Sound is slightly too treble-focused Battery add-on is

Roberts Revival RD70 Review

Pros Relaxing, easy sound Great looks Has Bluetooth Cons Relatively high price No WiFi or integrated battery Key Features Review Price: £199/$279 Bluetooth Telescopic aerial

Groov-e Encore Review

Pros Low price Clear display Bluetooth Cons Basic, undynamic sound Some cheap-looking elements Key Features Review Price: £69.99/$93.01 Bluetooth 10 presets Aux input 10W 2

Goodmans Heritage II Connect review

Remember when radios were just radios? You’d turn them on, twiddle a knob and, out of the static, voices and music would emerge. We’ve come

Roberts R100 review

PROS Loud and powerful for size Undok software works well Small footprint Simpler than Sonos CONS Batteries not included Default sound mode is overly sharp

Roberts Radio S2 review : Singling out Sonos?

For Easy to setup and use, more versatile than Sonos, fun and powerful in the right sound mode, fair pricing Against Neglected mids in one

Goodmans Heritage Portable review

PROS Looks great High-quality build Lots of features Loud top volume CONS Suffers from bass distortion Default EQ presets are too sharp KEY FEATURES Wi-Fi

Pure Evoke F3 review

Pros Loud and powerful for a DAB radio Lots of wireless scope Petite and good-looking Cons No snooze arm No battery pack option Mids a

Goodmans Go Dash review

Pros Excellent feature set Can charge a phone Fairly low price Cons Poor sound quality Controls feel fiddly and cheap Key Features: Bluetooth with NFC;

Goodmans Aspect review

Pros Versatile installation Stylish design Attractive price Cons Struggles for bass and volume No front display Hard tone with music Key Features: Vertical and horizontal

Sond Audio EMBW-13Y31 review

Pros Striking design Decent build quality Rich, bassy sound Cons Falls short on detail clarity Sounds a bit hard and boomy with movies Cheap remote

Goodmans Base review

Pros Punchy, powerful sound Good dialogue clarity Solid build quality Cons Uninspiring design No HDMI sockets Lacks top-end finesse of rival soundbases Key Features: 100W