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LG working on foldable phone that doubles as a tablet

LG and Samsung have battled to outdo each other when it comes to TV and phone technology in recent years, and we’ve seen some interesting

Apple patents iPhone Edge style side-display

While no Apple patent necessarily guarantees a final product, today’s for a curved display is particularly interesting – especially now that, as of this week,

Apple Inc. Files Patent For Flexible Display Similar To Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has filed a patent that reveals that it is working on a device with flexible display, something that has been seen in

LG G Flex Review

  Every new niche has to start somewhere, and LG says the G Flex is the start of the flexible smartphone revolution. Why should our

LG G Flex AT&T Review

  With the AT&T version of the LG G Flex, we’re getting another look at what it means to work with what this manufacturer calls