Crystal Acoustics

Crystal Acoustics WiDaptor review

Pros Flexible multiroom operation AirPlay and Spotify support Decent sound quality Price Cons Glitchy app and setup problems Lightweight build quality Limited streaming services Key

Crystal Acoustics Teevy 6 MR review

Pros Room-filling sound with clear detail and dialogue Easy multi-room operation with app Solid build quality Cons No HDMI sockets or front panel readout WiSound

Samsung R7 review

Pros Gorgeous design and superb build quality Easy to setup and operate with new app Crisp and full-bodied sound from any direction Generous features Cons

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 9 review

Pros Consistent sound quality from any angle Stylish design and solid build Flexible multiroom operation Generous features and connections Cons Can’t access Spotify from WiSound

Dynaudio Xeo 6 review

Pros Powerful, cohesive sound Stunning styling and build Easy to set up and operate Cons No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Display panel feels tacked on Hub