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Rigiet handheld stabilizer review

Smartphone cameras have become much more than just tools of last resort. But, try as they might, there are still things they will not be

GPD WIN Review: Mobile Windows 10 for gaming

PROS Full Windows 10 PC in your pocket QWERTY keyboard, mouse joystick for on-the-go computing Decent CPU and RAM for most computing needs Full-sized USB

Neoring is a magnetic phone mount…for your hand

Smartphone stands and mounts come in all forms: round balls that rest on a table top, tripods for almost-anything positioning, magnets that slide over your

NextGen use 3D printing to make ergonomic chef knives

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you know having a solid set of knives is important. The blade is a big

Deus Ex Aria controls smartwatches with finger flicks

No, it’s not the name of a new game or even an accessory for a Square Enix game, but it does veer close to the

Mr. Henry car horn lets you beep messages at others

Your car has a horn, and in this day and age that horn has one meaning: I’m upset. Of course, that might not always be

WristBoom: Because a wearable speaker isn’t entirely crazy

I was all ready to trash WristBoom, and then I thought of my grandmother. Well, alright, there were a couple of stages in-between, but I

Square Root loudspeaker promises no distortion

Square Audio has introduced a new loudspeaker called Square Root, and it is designed to be a high end speaker for musicians and others who

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle keeps you hydrated

HidrateMe is a new smart water bottle that integrates into one’s personal fitness goals (and life in general) to both monitor and tailor one’s daily

HidnSeek tracks objects over long distances using Sigfox network

There are a lot of things in your life that you likely consider worth tracking: that expensive drone you bought but can’t quite operate yet,

Bloxels lets you build your own video games one block at a time

  Video games on tablets are very popular with just about every age group from grandparents down to kids. One of the most popular games

FOVE headset hits Kickstarter for eye-tracking VR

  You might not realize virtual reality has an owl problem, but it does. Turn your head while wearing most VR headsets, and the scene

PhoneDrone case puts propellers on your smartphone

Quadcopters can come in handy at times, but if you’re not going to be using them too often, shelling out for a dedicated drone likely