Canton DM75

Canton DM100 review

PROS Hugely powerful and refined sound Classy premium design Easy to install and operate User-friendly features CONS No HDMI ports Bass can be overpowering Discrepancy

Canton DM75 review

Pros Amazing sense of scale Crystal clear detail and powerful bass Superb build quality and discreet design Cons No HDMI ports Expensive Surround mode doesn’t

Yamaha SRT-1000 review

Pros Sleek design and solid build Convincing surround sound Muscular, well integrated bass and crisp detail Excellent control app Cons Surround performance dependent on room

Cambridge Audio TV5 review

Pros Refined, well-balanced and detailed sound Powerful, punchy bass output Robust build quality Cons No-frills design No HDMI inputs No text-based readout Key Features: 2