Cambridge Audio TV5

Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 review

When the first TV5 soundbase came out, there was a lot we liked about it. It had a punchy bass, a powerful sound, was sensibly

Finlux 48UXE304B-P review

Remember the puzzle about the farmer who needs to get a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain across the river? Well, television manufacturers

Cambridge Audio TV5 review

Pros Refined, well-balanced and detailed sound Powerful, punchy bass output Robust build quality Cons No-frills design No HDMI inputs No text-based readout Key Features: 2

LG LAB550W review

Pros Convenient, clutter-free system Classy design Generous features and connections Multiroom capability Cons Underwhelming bass performance No 3D playback Picky DLNA streaming Key Features: Built-in