Orbitsound ONE P70 review

PROS Clear, expansive sound anywherre in the room Plenty of bass for its size Robust build quality Easy to install and operate CONS Deep cabinet

Panasonic DMP-BDT180EB review

Making a Blu-ray player for under £100/$150 is no easy feat. Making a good Blu-ray player for under £100 is more difficult, and a great

Hisense 32M2600 review

“Though she be but little, she is fierce”; this oft-quoted phrase from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a good description not only of

MSI VR One Review : True Wireless VR for Rich People

THE GOOD Lightweight, daring design Powerful graphics and overall performance Hot-swappable batteries Runs quiet THE BAD Expensive Still needs a monitor at times Can’t upgrade

Yamaha RX-A1060 review

Getting an AV amp right at any price involves a careful balancing act, a trade-off between things that don’t always seem like they should go

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar review

To call the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar a soundbar would be grossly unfair. Yes, it’s shaped like a soundbar, yes it’s designed to be placed under

Motorola Verve Ones+ review

Verdict These wireless in-ears promise much but deliver little For Freedom of movement Comfortable Neat charging case Against Poor sound Temperamental app Occasional dropouts You’ve

LG OLED65G6V review

Verdict A superb statement product from LG, which shows the impressive capabilities of the company’s 4K OLED TVs – for a price For Stunning picture

Siri vs. Alexa : Why Amazon Won Our 300-Question Showdown

I’m an Android girl who loves her iPad mini and her Amazon Echo. I also plan to be the first to bow before Skynet, once

9 of the most absurd limited edition smartphones of all time

These are the most inventive and downright ridiculous limited edition smartphones ever released. Not since the days of the Nokia 3310 and its interchangeable fascias

Dell Latitude E7470 Review

The Pros Sleek, attractive design; Crisp, 1080p display; Snappy, comfortable keyboard; Impressive battery life The Cons Rear ports hard to reach; Weak speakers Verdict The

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 Review

The Pros Best-in-class keyboard; Lightweight, bend-back design; Accurate stylus with helpful software The Cons Below-average battery life; Less-colorful display than competition Verdict The Lenovo ThinkPad

Halo 5: Guardians review

Pros Classic Halo combat New co-op and movement mechanics blend in well Amazing set-pieces and alien worlds The Xbox One’s most awesome visuals Cons Some

Sony BDP-S6500 review

Pros Excellent picture quality Slick, friendly operating system Plays FLAC and MKV via network Cons Pedestrian design Build quality Missing catch-up TV apps Key Features:

Samsung HT-H5500 review

Pros Attractive, compact design Impressive features for the money Slick operating system Cons Sounds coarse at high volumes Lacks detail and bass agility Limited catch-up

Pioneer BDP-150 review

Pros Solid performance Wide format support Slick DLNA streaming Cons No built-in Wi-Fi Comparatively limited web content Overlapping video adjustments Key Features: 3D Blu-ray playback;

Geneva Model Cinema review

Pros Powerful room-filling performance Refined detail and excellent composure Luxurious build quality Cons Expensive No HDMI sockets Key Features: Four 2in drivers and 5.25in woofer;

100 day Star Wars The Force Awakens countdown begins in 3D

Depending on where you’re living in the world, you’re either hours or minutes away from the 100-day countdown ’till the release of the next Star

Ten Cars Superheroes Would Own

1. SUPERMAN Dodge Ram 1500 Superman may have been born on Krypton, but he was raised on a farm in Kansas. Being a farm boy

Galaxy Note 5 detail run-down released: every single photo

With only a few more days left before the final Unpacked event, Samsung hype for the Galaxy Note 5 reaches a fever pitch. Today we’re

This is the Incredible Hulk Galaxy S6

What you’re about to see is not another Avengers Edition Galaxy S6 from Samsung. Instead, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a SkinIt skin on

This is the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

  This week the folks at Samsung have revealed a big teaser – the entire device, that is to say – for the Iron Man

Galaxy S6 Avengers Editions already exist

So you’re pumped up about the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge with an Iron Man theme. So you wish you had