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Two superb amps at the same price… How do you decide between two terrific-sounding stereo amplifiers? The Rega Brio is a two-time Award-winner and our

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Anyone who’s ever tried cramming two weeks’ worth of holiday clothes into a carry-on cabin suitcase will sympathise with Audiolab’s concept for its latest integrated

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Some acts are tougher to follow than others. For every tough-act-followed-with-aplomb like Kasper Schmeichel there’s a Jordi Cruyff. And Audiolab’s M-DAC+ has a long shadow

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Verdict Best stereo amplifier £700-£1,000/$1,050-$1,500, Awards 2015. Rega builds on the strengths of the excellent Brio-R and give us another terrifically musical amplifier For An

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Verdict The 8300A is a hugely capable product but sacrifices a little too much fun for our tastes For Plenty of muscle Clean and crisp

Audiolab 8300CD review

Our Verdict The 8300CD is an improvement, but loses a bit of the original’s magic too For (+) Refined and detailed sound Convincing tonality Impressive