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Astell & Kern XB10 review

PROS Light, compact design aptX HD support Balanced headphone output Loud, detailed sound with plenty of bass CONS Lacks USB DAC functionality Plastic casing KEY

Dual MTR-75 review

Every time we think the vinyl revival has hit a plateau, another stalwart from the heyday of turntables rears its head to join the party.

Fostex TH610 review

As we all know, looks can be deceiving. While the Fostex TH610 headphones might look the part for a high-end pair of luxury cans, these

Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB review

Two budget turntables scooped What Hi-Fi? Awards last year: the traditional Rega Planar 1 (£250/$375) and record-ripping Audio Technica AT-LP5 (£330/$495), both more than worthy

Crosley Keepsake review

We’ve seen it time and time again in films; a character opens a stolen suitcase and instead of the small fortune they expect to be

Beoplay H5 review

PROS Great wireless audio quality Pretty design CONS Terrible battery life Impossible to get a decent seal when exercising KEY FEATURES Five-hour battery life 6.4mm

Klipsch Reference On-Ear II review

OUR VERDICT The Klipsch Reference On-Ear II are well built, sound great and offer unmatched comfort for on-ear headphones. However, their high price makes them

Monster Elements review: Bass by the bucket load

In a world where headphones are worn almost like jewellery, rather than be fine examples of craftsmanship and audio balance, it’s no surprise to see

Noontec Zoro II Wireless review

OUR VERDICT The Noontec Zoro II Wireless offer a warm and fun sound signature. With a 35-hour battery life and multipoint Bluetooth, these headphones offer

Audio Technica ATH-2000Z review

When wearing Audio Technica’s new ATH-2000Z headphones, there is a possibility that you might be mistaken for someone being converted into a Cyberman from the

The Top 10 Best Bass Earbuds of 2016

In this list we feature the top 10 best bass earbuds of 2016 that produce the deepest, tightest and most incredible bass, period. These earbuds

Numark TT250USB Turntable Review

Pros Lively, detailed and exciting sound Solid build Decent upgradeability Cons Captive cabling Slight lack of bass Slightly brash appearance What is the Numark TT250USB?

Elipson Alpha 100 RIAA review

Elipson’s Alpha 100 RIAA must have been designed in the France you see in films. Sleek, sexy, draped all in black – it would drink

Sennheiser HD 800 S review

PROS Huge sound HD 800 treble tamed Very comfortable CONS Less ‘micro detail’ than HD 800 KEY FEATURES 56mm dynamic driver Removable cable Balanced cable

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7NC review

PROS Great-quality, clear sound Comfortable Good battery life CONS ANC not as effective as the best Slight granularity to the mids KEY FEATURES Active noise

Fostex T50RP vs Audio Technica M50X Comparison Review

When it comes to entry-level audiophile headphones, there are a few models that crush the competition.  The Fostex T50RP and the Audio Technica M50X are

Audio Technica ATH-M50X vs ATH-MSR7 Comparison Review

When it comes to a great amount of detail at an affordable price, we here at Audio46 see a lot of customers flocking to Audio

Audio-Technica ATH-W1000Z review

PROS Classy wood-grain cups Large and lively sound Better isolation than open-back models CONS Lacking some of the separation of best open sets KEY FEATURES

Samsung Level U Pro review

PROS Decent microphone High maximum volume UHQA ready CONS Not comfortable to wear while running Harsh treble KEY FEATURES UHQA ready Water resistant 9 hour

Audio Technica ATH-ANC40BT review

Pros Good ANC High-quality bass Practical design, wireless Cons Some sibilance Mids not that smooth or rich Some Bluetooth glitches Key Features: Bluetooth with aptX;

SoundMagic Vento P55 review

Pros Very comfortable Ambitious sound signature Feel as luxurious as many £250/$375 headphones Cons Harsh mid-range Tiring sound Key Features: Removable 3.5mm cable; Case included;

Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP review

Pros Comfortable Fairly balanced and natural sound Bold colour choices Cons Misty mids Limited isolation Key Features: 40mm dynamic driver; Removable cable; One-button remote Manufacturer:

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 review

Pros Excellent bass slam Large sound scale Very good detail Cons Thick low-mids Non-removable cable No remote hands-free Key Features: 13mm dual-phase dynamic drivers; Titanium

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 review

Pros Excellent balanced sound Very comfy for long sessions Handy removable cable Cons A tiny bit creak-prone Key Features: 45mm driver; Removable cable; Memory foam

AKG Y50 review

Pros Bold look Fun sound Good isolation Cons Boosted bass could be subtler Key Features: Removable cable; In-line remote; 40mm driver Manufacturer: AKG What are

Musical Fidelity Merlin 1 review

Pros Stylish, retro design Turntable delivers warm, satisfying audio Easy to set up Cons Treble performance could be more refined Remote control looks a bit