AT&T GoPhone – ZTE Maven 4G No-Contract Phone Review

ZTE Maven Prepaid GoPhone at AT&T Last month, ZTE launched the ZTE Maven and available to AT&T customers.  The Maven is being marketed as an

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review

Today we review the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active from AT&T. This device takes the innards of the Galaxy S6, expanding the exterior bits to make

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At MWC earlier this year, Microsoft introduced its two new latest Lumia smartphones, the 640 and the 640 XL. Earlier, we took theLumia 640, available

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Today we compare the Galaxy S6 Active to it’s slightly less active counterpart, the original Samsung Galaxy S6. These devices are very similar where it

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When a software update is ready for your smartphone, you usually get a friendly notification that lets you refuse the fix if you’re anxious or

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active heads to AT&T with extra battery power

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 broke cover last month and today AT&T revealed its exclusive grip on the rugged device. The IP-68 rated dustproof and water and

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LG has just fired the gun, signaling the widespread availability of its flagship in the US. Given the LG G4’s rather high profile marketing, especially

AT&T teases Galaxy S6 Active, should be coming soon

AT&T is running a new teaser campaign for a device that it says is missing from your workout. The teaser notes that it is almost

iPhone: AT&T 2-year contract no longer available at Apple Stores

About two weeks ago it was reported that US carrier AT&T was going to begin moving away from 2-year contracts on smartphones it offers, instead

Samsung accidentally leaks AT&T Galaxy S6 Active specs

Clerical error or cunning marketing ploy? Whatever your take onSamsung US’ latest blooper, the fact remains that it “accidentally” published the support page for a

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The new Samsung Focus Flash may not be the most impressive device we’ve seen lately, but it does offer an overall decent value and comes

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Android and Samsung have such an all-encompassing strategy going on as of late that every tier of the smartphone market is saturated with a combination

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The LG Nitro HD is AT&T’s first phone with a 720p HD display and is only the third smartphone powered by their new 4G LTE

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Over the last year Nokia’s had something of a tumultuous time in the mobile industry. While still a power to be feared in the featurephone

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  Some carriers tend to rename their versions of a particular device, perhaps just to set it apart from the competition. That seems to be

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iPhone 4S review

  This isn’t the iPhone 5. No matter how badly you wanted something slim, sleek and wedge-shaped, this isn’t it. If you went ahead and