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Nvidia has announced a new line of graphics cards – the 2080 Super, 2070 Super, and the 2060 Super, all of which promise significant improvements

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AMD has only announced two Navi graphics cards so far, but Sapphire, a popular aftermarket graphics card manufacturer, has registered trademarks for a bunch of

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AMD’s latest RX 5000 Navi graphics cards are incoming. Here’s what to expect After releasing its high-end Radeon VII in February 2019, AMD turned its

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AMD has now officially announced the first Navi GPUs, Radeon RX5000, and we have a release month – July – but we’re still waiting on prices

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Information on AMD Navi graphics cards keeps leaking out, and this time the specs for the AMD RX 3080 have been spotted online ahead of

AMD Navi: Everything you need to know

After releasing its high-end Radeon VII in February 2019, AMD is now turning its attention to the midrange market with its 7nm Navi graphics cards.