4 Reasons to Buy the Amazon Fire 7 & 5 Reasons Not To

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Should you buy the Fire 7 tablet with Alexa? This is what you need to know before you buy or gift the 7-inch Fire Tablet with Alexa voice controls that Amazon sells for $50.

The Fire 7 tablet is a small and affordable tablet that runs a version of Android specifically for Amazon. You get Alexa voice controls, access to loads of apps and there are a lot of accessories that work with this cheap tablet.

Why you should buy the Amazon Fire 7 tablet, and why you shouldn't.

Why you should buy the Amazon Fire 7 tablet, and why you shouldn’t.

The 8GB Amazon Fire 7 tablet is $49, and you can buy a 16GB version for $69.99. Both of these versions come with “Special Offers” which are ads on the lock screen of the device. If yo udon’t want special offers, you can pay $15 more and get one without those.

Reasons to Buy the New Fire 7 Tablet;

  • Great Price & Value
  • For Tons of Apps and Services
  • Expandable Storage
  • Alexa Voice Control & Hands Free

Reasons Not to Buy the New Fire 7 Tablet;

  • Wait to See What the 2018 Fire 7 Tablet Offers
  • Don’t Buy for a Kid
  • Upgrade for a Better Display
  • Don’t Buy It if You Love Listening Without Headphones
  • Don’t Buy if You Want Full Android

You can buy the Amazon Fire 7 tablet at Amazon, Best Buy and many other retailers. Here’s a closer look at the reasons to buy the new Fire 7 tablet from Amazon and why you should look at other options or wait.

Great Price & Value

Great Price & Value

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Alexa offers a great value to users at $50 with Special Offers. It’s very hard to find a name brand tablet with good reviews, regular software updates and a plethora of accessories under $50.  

At times you can even buy the Fire 7 tablet on a monthly payment plan of $10 a month if you prefer to spread out the purchase to make it more affordable. This is not an option we see from other budget tablet makers. Amazon typically offers this on newer models during the holiday season.

Instead of running a very old version of Android and cutting lots corners like we see with many cheap tablets, Amazon delivers a good tablet that’s actually worth more than you pay for it. Amazon claims this tablet is more durable in drop tests than the iPad and twice as durable as the iPad mini 4.

The Special Offers help keep the price down, as does the fact that Amazon is hoping you buy a lot of stuff from them using the Fire 7 tablet, but you still get a lot of value for $49.99.  

For Tons of Apps and Services

For Tons of Apps and Services
The Amazon Fire 7 tablet offers access to over 600,000 apps including free and paid apps and games. You can also watch movies and listen to music on a wide range of services.

Of course there are Amazon services like Amazon Video and Amazon Music Unlimited, but you can also watch Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Hulu, Twitch and you can listen to Spotify, Pandora and other popular music streaming services.

You have access to apps from Facebook, , Comixology, Candy Crush Saga, Township, Mobile Strike, and many others. There is no official Clash of Clans app for the Fire tablet, so don’t buy it if you need to play Clash on it. You cannot play Fortnite on the Fire Tablet at this time.

Expandable Storage

Expandable Storage
If 8GB of storage isn’t enough you can opt for the 16GB model, or you can just add storage with a Micro SD card. The Amazon Fire 7 tablet includes a small opening on the side that you can use to put a Micro SD card in and expand the storage.

This allows you to add up to 256GB of storage without breaking the bank. You can get a 32GB Micro SD card for $12.99 and a 64GB Micro SD card for $19.99 to quickly add enough storage for most users.

Amazon allows you to use this space for photos and movies as well as for apps and games that support running from the Micro SD card. You also get unlimited cloud storage for your Amazon content and for photos you take with your Fire 7 tablet.

Alexa Voice Control

Alexa Voice Control
You may know about Alexa on the Amazon Echo devices, but did you also know you get Alexa voice control on the Fire 7 tablet?

You can ask Alexa questions and perform many tasks with the voice control on your tablet. You can open apps, check your calendar, check the news, get sports scores, play a song and more.

Alexa on the Fire 7 tablet even offers voice control of your smart home including lights, thermostats and more. You can also set alarms, check on traffic and set up to do lists and other tasks by voice.

With the nw hands free Alexa option, you can set the Fire 7 tablet up with power connected and use it like the Echo Show by simply saying Alexa.

Wait for the 2018 Fire 7 Tablet

Wait for the 2018 Fire 7 Tablet
We traditionally see Amazon announce new Fire 7 tablets in the fall. This can be a minor update, or a major feature upgrade. It’s tough to know exactly what Amazon is planning, but it is likely that they are planning something.

The current model went on sale last fall ahead of the holiday shopping season. Apple is gearing up to announce new products in September, and there is a good chance that Amazon is going to do the same thing with 2018 Fire tablets.

If you don’t need a Fire 7 tablet, you should hold off and wait to see what Amazon delivers in a new Fire 7 tablet in the next month or two.

Don’t Buy for a Kid

Don't Buy for a Kid
The All new Amazon Fire 7 tablet is great for kids, and it’s handy if you want to share it with your kid for limited use, but if you are buying specifically for a kid there is a better option.

Amazon also offers a Fire 7 Kid’s Edition that comes with 16GB of storage and a Kid Proof Case for $99. This version also comes with an incredible warranty. If you kid breaks the tablet in the first to years, Amazon will replace it, no questions asked. That’s an amazing value.

You also get a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which includes access to kids games and apps with no in app purchases. That’s over 15,000 apps, videos, books and educational tools.

This is the same tablet, it’s not dumbed down, but it’s a better overall value for kids because of the warranty, case and other extras.

Upgrade for a Better Display

Upgrade for a Better Display
One catch to the Amazon Fire 7 tablet is the display isn’t HD. If you love watching movies and TV shows, you should consider upgrading to the Amazon Fire HD 8 for $30 more.

In addition to a bigger display, you get a HD resolution that will make movies and TV shows look better and you start with 16GB of storage.

With the Fire HD 8, you also get longer battery life (four hours more) and you get better speakers. Overall it’s a solid upgrade to consider if you love watching movies and TV shows on your tablet.

Don’t Buy It if You Love Listening Without Headphones

Don't Buy It if You Love Listening Without Headphones
The only other major catch on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet is that Amazon only includes a mono speaker in the Fire 7.

That will limit the loudness and quality of music played over the tablet and while watching movies. For day to day use it’s not going to be a dealbreaker at this price, but similar to the screen, it’s a reason to consider the more expensive Fire HD 8.

The other alternative is to use headphones while listening to music and movies or connect to a speaker. The Fire 7 tablet has a headphone jack and supports Bluetooth, so you can always use those options.

Don’t Buy if You Want Full Android

Don't Buy if You Want Full Android

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is impressive, and it is a version of Android, but it isn’t full Android with Google Play. 

Yes, there are some ways you can install Google Play and side-load apps, but you don’t get the full Android experience of customization and you will not be able to run all Android apps out of the box. 

If you want to play popular games like Fortnite for Android or Clash of Clans, you cannot play on the Fire 7 tablet.  

Some of the workarounds require more time and patience than the average user has. If you just want an Android Tablet that has all the apps and services as your Android phone and that syncs app store purchases, you should consider looking at the best cheap Android tablets, including new Lenovo tablets, instead of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. 

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