Zopo Color F2 review

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The ZOPO Color F2 or ZOPO Hero 2 are cell phones that expense fundamentally under 100 €. In August we experienced Homtom HT17 , the Bluboo Maya, andCubot Rainbow effectively a few supposed ultra-low-spending gadgets in the lab.

The ZOPO Color F2 utilizes the new MT6737 processor Mediatek as a base. Notwithstanding a 64-bit Android 6 framework is the ZOPO portable full LTE competent. An 8-megapixel camera, memory extension with the synchronous utilization of double SIM and a 5.5 inch HD show sound promising. The to some degree little measured 2300mAh battery and low 1GB memory rather talk on the telephone. In the point by point test report, we have highlighted the shortcomings and qualities of the ZOPO Color F5.

Notwithstanding the Color F2 ZOPO still, displays a Color F5 and a Color C3. The contrast between the F5 and F2 is just in the battery size and the showcase size. Generally built the gadgets are indistinguishable. The F5 has just a 5-inch show and the battery is 2100mAh to some degree weaker. Gearbest offers Color F2 under false names and depicts this as ZOPO Hero 2 . The Color C3 has additionally just a 5-inch show, an alternate camera sensor is utilized and the battery likewise measured just 2100 mAh. This report depends on 10 days of utilization ZOPO Color F2!

Design and Processing

The ZOPO Color F2 is 8.5mm thick and 171g brings on the scale. With a length of 153mm and a width of 78mm are all measurements and the heaviness of a normal on a 5.5 inch mobile phone. A delightful cleaned aluminum outline encompasses the gadget and makes for a marginally more upscale feel in the hand.

The back spread fits with a few clasps bombproof on the back, made of plastic and can be confined. The brushed metal look is the ZOPO Color F5 super. Under the back cover, the two SIM spaces are (1 x Nano + 1 x Micro) and the small scale SD opening (up to 64GB). the 2300 mAh solid battery can be effectively changed.

The 3 standard Android touch catches are situated under the 5.5-inch show and not enlightened. Likewise, a notice LED futile, for there is an extremely powerless and absolutely superfluous blaze on the front. The edges of the left and right to show set apart with a 4mm wide dark edge.

The unique finger impression sensor on the back benefited a vocation and awakens the cell phone to the touch even in the standby mode. The time until enactment is not exactly a second low and the exactness of a low-spending high gadget. The volume catches are on the right, sitting securely in the casing, yet comprise just of plastic.


In ZOPO Color F2 a working 5.5-inch HD show with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels . With 267 pixels per inch , it is to be sure just beneath the retina esteem, the substance will be charmingly sharp. The light of the showcase is at the lower edge not ideal. The base of the showcase is at White foundation obviously too brilliant.

The shading generation is exact, the survey point steadiness and differentiation well. The alternative menu can with the application “Miravision” the presentation to be adjusted to individual inclinations. The automatic brightness control functions admirably and can be utilized. On a brilliant day, the open air review is not accessible in hard restricted. Indirect daylight then nothing more.

The 2-point touch reacting adequately rapidly and precisely. The detectable slack when writing the shading is F5 less for rapid recorder, but instead for tenderfoots. Quick Typing without mistaken sections is by the deferred show unrealistic. The value range 2-point touchscreens are sadly standard and in many gadgets, there are comparative issues. Exceptional glass for assurance against scratches is not introduced.

Delivery of ZOPO COLOR F2



The quad-core processor MediaTek MT6737 clocked at 1.3 GHz, has a Mali-T720 GPU and is at 1GB RAM associated.

The 64-bit processor would drive in any event on paper each MT6780 telephone issues in the knee. Lamentably, this does practically speaking is very diverse. The framework is not running truly fluid, longer holding up times one should regularly acknowledge and when different applications running out of sight, the ZOPO Color F2 is truly moderate. The cellular telephone is in this way appropriate for close to standard errands that most amusements are simply little silliness.

ZOPO-Color-F2-Antutu-Benchmark-169x300ZOPO-Color-F2-Geekbench-3-169x300 ZOPO-Color-F2-3D-mark-169x300

The Color F2 keeps running with Android in the present rendition 6. The new processor this now keeps running in 64-bit mode. The configuration of the symbols has been somewhat adjusted in the launcher, an App Drawer (outline page with all applications) stays accessible. Stay unaltered, the Quick Launch bar and the alternatives menu, which is something worth being thankful for. As of now happen discernible stammering when changing between the home screen and the entire framework execution is only awful on the ZOPO Color F2. Also, the manufacturer SmartWake coordinated capacities and a QR code scanner. All things considered, the framework has told the truth and no infection scanner was a risk. In the event that upgrades still change the framework, velocity is now then included.

Android 6 on ZOPO COLOR F2



ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-1-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225 ZOPO-Color-F2-Kamera-Testbilder-2-300x225

The 8MP rear camera provides close-ups of a pleasant sharpness and accurate color. Up to trigger, the camera passes over a second and the autofocus is sometimes very slow. Completely useless is the ZOPO Color F2 during normal shooting. The images are completely full of noise, with minimal details. On the PC screen, the pictures taken are almost all useless. The Selfie camera with 2MP can be used for Skype, but for selfies it is not really suitable. Whether the fault lies here in the sensor or in the software, remains to be seen. Drivers who like to take a snapshot with the mobile cam should keep away from ZOPO mobile.


The Color F2 transmits on all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies needed in Germany. The mobile information superhighway can thus be used, due to the poor performance in the browser,  but this will change little. The network coverage is neither particularly good nor particularly bad. The WLAN module placed in terms of range and data throughput on average. Bluetooth and OTG could be used in the test without any restrictions.


The ZOPO mobile phone has the 3 standard sensors (brightness, acceleration and proximity sensor). On gyroscope and compass must be abandoned. This is normal for the price range. The speaker is relatively poor even for this price range.

A reliable navigation is with the ZOPO Color F2 unfortunately not possible. On the 200km test route often led to strong deviations from the course.


The ZOPO Color F2 has a moderately little 2300mAh battery. The battery life is a 5.5 creep low-spending gadget for the battery estimate entirely. Power clients won’t endure the day. Following 2.5-3 hours DOT (time with the enacted show) went to 5 of 7 days before the lights from 21:00. Since the battery is removable, you can twofold the runtime with a second battery, obviously. By and by ZOPO is with the battery execution here perceptibly expelled from the opposition. In any case, Android 6 gives great standby length.


ZOPO fails currently, unfortunately, to bring a viable smartphone on the market. After the total misstep with the great promise of ZOPO Speed 8, the downward spiral with the ZOPO Color F2 continues. The MT6737 in combination with only 1GB of RAM makes the Color F2 for underground performance. The touch screen is not accurate enough for high-speed recorder, the camera normal shooting unsuitable and the GPS a total failure. the nearly 2-year-old ZOPO Hero 1 is the complete new low-budget series (ZOPO Color F2, Color F5, and Color C3) superior in every way, this is, however, no longer produced. Whether ZOPO can return to its former strength, remains to be seen. Currently, applies to all current ZOPO equipment “hands way”!

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/Xh4SJB)



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