Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Comparison – Duel of the Curves!

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Recently, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 rocked the market with its wondrous design and dual curved screen. Xiaomi always has been anti-Samsung and anti-Apple. The smartphone manufacturer from the ancient Chinese land has always believed in quality and affordable price. The release of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 once again appears to be the ultimate threat to the internationally renowned Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Get ready Samsung; Xiaomi is going to give you a tough time. And we don’t mean concerning battery explosion


It’s somewhat difficult to pick only one from Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Why? Both have the curved display, almost same hardware. The only tremendous difference originates in the price tag and design. At one side is the internationally brand known to the world for more than a decade. On the other side is the budget-friendly, so-called ‘Made in China’ flagship which is working day and night to conquer are whole tech market, internationally. That’s why we are comparing both flagships. Let’s see who wins the duel of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Design & Appearance

The comparison gets tough in the start. Why? That’s because one of the hardest questions in the world is: which one has the most awe-inspiring design, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The fact is both flagship has almost the same pattern. Xiaomi previously had the front logo which allowed the company’s terminal to be somewhat distinctive. With the front, Mi logo gone, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 appears to be a ditto copy of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


Left (Xiaomi Mi Note 2), Right (Samsung Galaxy Note 7)

The material from which both smartphones forge is the same which is aluminum alloy and glass. Regarding size, Mi Note 2 appears to be bigger and 0.3mm thinner than Note 7. Mentioning the weight, Mi Note 2 beats it’s competitor again when becoming 3 grams lighter than Note 7 in the war of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


Body Layout

The frame of Note 7 is 0.05mm thinner and perfectly molded when matched to Note 2. Still, we think that much gap is negligible. The screen to body ratio is also different 77 % and 72 % for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Xiaomi Mi Note 2, respectively.


Left (Samsung Galaxy Note 7), Right (Xiaomi Mi Note 2)

To be honest, in appearance Xiaomi Mi Note wins the beauty contest. Mi Note 2 blends with two colors silver and black and reflects a charming blue shade.


Left (Samsung Galaxy Note 7), Right (Xiaomi Mi Note 2)

Concerning durability, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 takes the lead with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the back and IP 68 certified. Whereas, it is the first time Xiaomi used Gorilla Glass 3 protection in Mi Note 2 and sadly it’s not waterproof.


Bottom (Samsung Galaxy Note 7), Top (Xiaomi Mi Note 2)

The competition of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets tied with the 3D curved rear design of Mi Note 2 which not only provides better grip to the phone but further exaggerate its charm. Too bad, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only has a plain back.


Winner: None

Screen & Display

People think, we are always on Xiaomi side but what we will say in this category will justify that we are rather neutral. Both, Mi Note 2 and Galaxy Note 7 are large phones, not phones actually but phablets. Note 2 integrates 5.7 inches 1080p LG OLED curved display, but Note 7 takes the lead here with the same screen size but a stunning 2K resolution Super AMOLED Technology.


Even though, Xiaomi Mi Note 2’s display panel shows some breathtaking brightness and color contrast with 100000:1 contrast ratio and 110% NTSC. Still, it is no match for Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s natural, detailed and balanced display. Plus Samsung Galaxy  Note 7 has an always-on display. Hope Xiaomi will develop it soon for Note 2. So what if Samsung Note 7 doesn’t have a 4K resolution, still it yields one on secondary displays with the high-dynamic-range video feature.


Left (Mi Note 2), Right (Samsung Galaxy Note 7)

The curve screen finishing seems to be equal and spotless for both the terminals. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 just appears like it’s not Xiaomi’s first attempt and Samsung has made this beauty like Note 7 in Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Still, the question remains: When will we see a 2K display in Xiaomi smartphones, even 4K is out?

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Hardware and Performance

We are damn sure that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 takes the clearcut win here with the all new Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821. Meanwhile, Exynos 8890 Octa (Snapdragon 820 in China and some other places) under the hood of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not bad but still it doesn’t stand a chance against Snapdragon 821, and so are the GPUs (Adreno 530 vs. Mali-T880 MP12). Don’t believe us? The benchmarks are here as a prove.


A tie can be seen regarding memory and storage as both flagships. What’s more surprising is that the even variants are the same. But Note 7 has the memory expansion option available with the MicroSD slot while Mi Note 2 lacks.

  • Standard Edition (4 + 64GB)
  • Higher Edition  (6 + 128GB)

The price is a factor here as Xiaomi’s higher variant is way cheaper than Samsung’s standard one making Xiaomi Mi Note 2 the choice of the budget-friendly audience.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi Note 2


With the latest 22.5 MP Sony IMX318 Exmor RS rear camera, Mi Note 2 is way better than Samsung Note 7 which has only 12 MP Sony IMX260 Exmor RS. Still, not go on the pixels. The image output has a slight difference. Why? Indeed Note 7 has fewer pixels but f/ 1.7 aperture, laser autofocus and BRITECELL type camera allowing it to focus better and give a natural look and sufficient light. Both terminals have the same camera placement but different layout (square for Samsung and circle for Xiaomi).


Left (Note 7) , Center (Note 2) , Right (Mi Mix)

Both terminals have the same camera placement but different layout (square for Samsung and circle for Xiaomi). With the circle layout, the camera takes hold of bigger lens. Even Mi Note 2 has an advance EIS triaxial video image stabilization while Note 7 has the standard 4-axis iOS.

Here are some samples to further justify that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 camera is much better than Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Camera Samplexiaomi-mi-note-2-vs-samsung-galaxy-note-7-camera-samplexiaomi-mi-note-2-vs-samsung-galaxy-note-7-camera-1

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 runs on MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 runs on TouchWiz UI based on Android 7.0. So, of course, regarding OS Note 7 is better as it runs on the latest Android. No doubt, MIUI 8 is simple, flat and one of the most stable OS on the planet. Still, all Xiaomi smartphones run on Android 6 and even some on Android 5.1. That’s disappointing for Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 can be comparable only if we have the Android 7.0 upgrade.


Left (Xiaomi Mi Note 2) Right (Samsung Galaxy Note 7)

Note 7 OS is heavily optimized to make full use of the curved screen operation. Why not? In Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is experimenting curved screen for years now and Xiaomi just seems to be a fresh entry in it.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung is always famous for providing some breathtaking new and advanced technologies. Such tech like iris scanner and pulse sensor highlights Galaxy Note 7 and are missing in Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Xiaomi launched the first ultrasonic fingerprint reader in Mi 5S but sadly it’s not in Mi Note 2.


Apart from this, the most important feature of Note 7 is the S-Pen and its features. Unfortunately, in Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Mi Note 2 has no particular identification apart from the rear logo and 3D curved back.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Another draw is coming up. We all know that Xiaomi smartphones lack Band 2 and 4 LTE network. While, Samsung Note 7 provides most of the bands. But, that’s not the case with Xiaomi Mi Note 2 as the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched a global version of sporting six modes and 37 frequencies sport for 600Mbps 4G Network, allowing it to be the phone with the most running networks on the planet.


Mi Note 2 also highlights Dual-SIM while we have to select the model for Samsung Note 7 (Duos) and pay some extra cash.

The reception seems to be strong for both, and all the other aspects are identical.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi Note 2


At last the most famous section for which we’re waiting for a long time. We’ll know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the safest phone in the world. No short circuit, no blast at all. Just kidding! It’s the most dangerous thing to have in your pocket or anywhere else. Don’t trust it! It will blast like a suicidal bomber. If you’re not aware just search the internet, it’s full of videos. So, a quick charge technology, 2K display, curved technology, S-Pen is of no use if it’s sure that it will blow up anyway.


Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is:

Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that won’t explode!

Even, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has a Li-Polymer of 4070 mAh with quick charging. There are 570 amperes more than Note 7 and like we said it wouldn’t explode. Still, wireless charging is what we miss in Mi Note 2.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi Note 2


Even though Samsung Note 7 has more features and a good resolution when matched to Mi Note 2. Still, they are of no use when you are not guaranteed that whether your Note 7 will explode or not. So, it’s better to avoid it. Even the price difference is tremendous (nearly 2x the price):

  • $800 to 900 for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and $413 to $516 for Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Even Samsung apologizes for the world and has recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Thankfully, we won’t see it again. So the winner of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is:

Xiaomi Mi Note 2: (4 wins) Samsung Galaxy Note 7: (3 wins), Draw: 2

Overall Winner: Xiaomi Mi Note 2

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/X3cHLy)



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