The Top Key New Features of iOS 12

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More power to iOS devices!

Earlier at Apple’s Annual WWDC, the Cupertino-based company unveiled the latest iteration of iOS with the iOS 12. Being the 12th iteration, we decided to round up the top 10 features of this new OS:

Faster and more efficient

According to Apple’s claim, iOS 12 is twice as fast in launching apps on heavy loads. The performance improvement can be felt with older iOS devices, with claims that on an iPhone 6, apps launch 40 percent faster, the system keyboard comes up 50 percent faster, and opening the camera is 70 percent faster. This in on top of better CPU management to preserve battery life.

Mind your screen time

Just like Android P, iOS 12 focuses on health by introducing a screen time feature, which is said to improve one’s overall digital health and limit distractions.

Group FaceTime chats, everyone!

With iOS 12, you can do a group FaceTime chat, with up to 32 people in one chat session. Aside from that, you can make use of Animojis and Memojis at the same time—which brings us to the next new feature of iOS 12:

Animojis with a twist

Aside from Animojis (which got a few upgrades), iOS 12 introduces Memojis, which is Apple’s answer to Samsung’s AR Emojis and ASUS’ Zenmojis. Just like with ASUS and Samsung’s implementation, Memoji lets you create your own custom emojis, which you can use for messaging apps like iMessage. One catch though: You need to be using an iPhone X to take advantage of this feature.


Detailed battery usage, finally

After all the flak with BatteryGate, Apple continues to improve the battery management on iOS devices by introducing a more detailed graph for both usage time and battery level. It’s a good thing that iOS has this at last, considering Android devices have this feature since its early iterations.

Less cluttered notifications

Among one of the annoying parts with iOS is how cluttered notifications can be. Thankfully with iOS 12, Apple addressed this by grouping notifications per app.

Made for You

Just like Apple Music, the Photos app now have a “For You” tab that curates your favorite moments in one place, along with a few sharing and editing suggestions in between.

No one gets left behind

The best part with all these features? All iOS devices running iOS 11—including the 5-year old iPhone 5S—are eligible for the OS upgrade.




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