ROMOSS UP10 10000mAh Power Bank Review: Is It Any Good?

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  • Integrated charger and USB passthrough lets you travel light
  • 2.1A USB port allows for high speed charging
  • Rugged design can take a beating
  • Only 1 2.1A USB port
  • UK/EU/AU users need to use an adapter to charge

ROMOSS UP10 Review 01

If you’ve ever felt the panic of being out and about with a phone that’s about to die, you’ll know that a power bank is a must-have gadget. The rugged ROMOSS UP10 power bank aims to keep your devices juiced up by charging up to 2 devices on the go with its generous 10000mAh battery. Is it worth it? Keep reading my ROMOSS UP10 review to find out!

What is the ROMOSS UP10?

The ROMOSS UP10 is a rugged 10000mAh power bank that lets you charge up to two gadgets at once thanks to its dual USB output. A 2.1A USB port allows for higher speed charging – addressing one of the main criticisms I had for the recently reviewed ROMOSS QS05 power bank.

You’ll easily get 2-3 charges out of a single charge before you need to recharge the power bank itself.

Recharging is cleverly handled via an integrated wall adapter – letting you plug the power bank directly into the wall (for US users) or using an included plug adapter for those in the UK or EU.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ROMOSS UP10 10000mAh Power Bank

Key Features

  • Integrated charger for easy on-the-go charging
  • Dual USB output allows for charging two devices at once
  • Smart charging circuitry provides safe charging of your devices
  • Passthrough charging allows you to charge your gadgets and power bank at the same time


The ROMOSS UP10 is a great looking power bank. It’s clearly inspired by luggage, which makes sense given that ROMOSS are clearly targeting travellers with the all-in-one design of the UP10.

It’s a relatively large unit at 112x61x30mm but that’s not surprising given its generous 10000mAh battery capacity that’ll charge your phone 2-3 times without an issue. That said, it’s still portable enough to chuck into your pocket or bag.

ROMOSS UP10 Review 03

There’s an integrated wall adapter that lets you plug the power bank in directly to charge it. It’s designed for US-style plugs, so UK/EU/AU users need to use an included adapter.

Charging is obviously the most important part of any power bank and the ROMOSS UP10 has dual USB ports so you can charge two gadgets at once. High speed charging is supported by the top USB port (thanks to its 2.1A charging current) though the bottom USB port is limited to 1A which is a little disappointing.

ROMOSS UP10 Review 04

There’s a handy button for checking power levels using the integrated battery meter which shows the power banks remaining capacity in 25% increments.

An included micro USB cable lets you charge your Android devices easily, though iOS users will need to bring along their own Lightning cable.

Using It

Given the UP10’s 10000mAh capacity, I had to charge it overnight.

USB passthrough charging is supported so you can actually charge two devices whilst you’re charging the power bank itself which is great as there’s no need to lug around a separate charger – perfect if you need to travel light.


In terms of charging your phone, it starts charging as soon as you plug in your phone. That’s definitely something all power banks should do (I’m looking at you, Blitzwolf BW-P3!)

You can charge two devices thanks to those previously mentioned dual USB ports. I often have multiple power-hungry gadgets on me so this was really handy. It was great being able to charge my Galaxy S8 and Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

ROMOSS UP10 Review 05

That said, it was a pain having to make sure I plugged the right device in the right port. I found myself accidentally plugging my phone into the 1A port and wondering why it was taking so long to charge. Smart USB switching and Qualcomm QuickCharge would have been nice.

Should You Buy the ROMOSS UP10?

ROMOSS UP10 Review 06

The ROMOSS UP10 is a solid power bank for travellers. Thanks to its integrated plug, USB passthrough support and dual USB ports, the UP10 is a great all-in-one charging solution. You can effectively replace your power bank and wall charger with the one unit.

That said, it’s definitely not perfect. No QC3.0 support and separate 2.1A and 1A USB ports are a bit of a disappointment. However, those wanting to travel light will definitely find a lot to love with the ROMOSS UP10.




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