Oukitel U20 Plus Review – Exceptional Budget Phablet

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Hello Readers!

To most of you, Oukitel is still not a household name, but the Chinese company keeps making one great device after the other. Recently I reviewed Oukitel U13 – Cheapest 64GB FHD phone with 13MP Front Cam

Oukitel U20 Plus Dual Camera

Oukitel U20 Plus Dual Camera

Today we’ll take a good look at Oukitel’s more budget offering U20 Plus!

Oukitel U20 Plus Box


Oukitel U20 Plus has very good specs for a phone under 100$! The 5.5-inch FHD Display is a real selling point here, as most phones in this price range offer only HD displays.

The build quality is again excellent, with a great plastic build that is light and very tough, making the Oukitel U20 Plus look like a phone much above its price range.

Oukitel U20 Plus Back

Oukitel have also put a fingerprint sensor on the back for the best security. The Camera on the back is a Sony Exmor IMX135 which is the same sensor used in LG G3 and LG Flex 2 coupled with a 0.5MP Depth-sensing camera.

Both are used in SLR mode, which lets you capture a rich Bokeh effect. On top of that, the sensor as a single camera experience is super considering the sub 100$ price range! Oukitel U20 Plus also has a front notification LED, next to great 8MP front camera!

Battery life is also very good, with the 3340mAh battery, delivering up to 5 Hrs. of Screen-On-Time on a single charge! Inside the box, you also get a Fast Charge adapter and it charges the phone from 0% to 100% in just under 2 Hours. The phone is Dual-Sim and 4G capable, with one sim slot being Micro-Sim that doubles as a Micro SD slot too, and the other Nano-Sim.

Here are the complete specs:

Oukitel U20 Plus Specs


Oukitel U20 Plus is running Android 6.0.1 and I was really impressed with the UI speed. Switching between Home Screens was super-fast and general tasks were executed with almost flagship speeds.

Multi-Tasking is also good, considering the phone has 2GB RAM it handles it better than even most 3GB RAM phones out there. Oukitel have included 5 Themes and 8 Wallpapers to make sure you have some customization available from the start.

Oukitel U20 Plus support OTA updates and could be receiving Android Nougat 7.0 in the coming months.


Oukitel U20 Plus packs the MTK6737T which is a quad-core 1.5GHz 64-bit chip. Coupled with ARM Mali T720MP2 GPU clocked at 650MHz it certainly runs rings around last year’s MT6735 and Snapdragon 410 in terms of performance.

With a much improved single and multi-core performance and GPU clock speeds you won’t be disappointed with the general performance. It is also more battery efficient and better GPS lock speed and power usage.

Oukitel U20 Plus Antutu

A much improved 3D score considering this is a 1080P FHD Display! RAM speed is increased to boost general performance.

Oukitel U20 Plus Geekbench

For a quad-core, this is probably the best performing budget chip on the market today, preserving battery life with enough performance the MTK6737T handles tasks with ease!

Oukitel U20 Plus Storage Speed

Storage speed far exceeds the budget class, which largely explains why the UI speed and multi-tasking are done so good. Gaming was also not an issue with even more demanding games like GTA Vice City, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt eXtreme running at respectable frame rates, with minor slow-downs.


Oukitel U20 Plus Dual Camera

Here is where things get really interesting. First of all, I was surprised with the very well built Camera App, since
I was expecting the same old and dull MTK camera interface.

Thankfully Oukitel have done their job and provided a much more detailed and feature rich software experience, again quite a feat for a sub 100$ phone!

Oukitel U20 Plus CAM Settings Oukitel U20 Plus CAM UI

The front and back camera of the Oukitel U20 Plus beat anything on the market right now at that price! With fast Auto-focusing, accurate colour reproduction and a very well implemented HDR mode, both cameras really shine!

Oukitel U20 Plus Photo Oukitel U20 Plus Night PhotoOukitel U20 Plus Selfie

Night shots like this are absolutely unthinkable at a sub 100$ price. Sure, there is a noise present with less light, but there is also plenty of sharp detail in the photo, something that other smartphones at that price don’t provide.

Using both cameras for depth-of-field or “bokeh” effect is done by switching to SLR mode in the camera app.

The experience taking a photo with both cams is not something I enjoyed.The shutter speed and UI turn very laggy and choppy, not to mention that. The slider for aperture adjustment is located on the top side when taking a landscape photo and is almost impossible to slide and measure how much you want to adjust it.

Don’t even think about getting an SLR shot in low-light conditions, it’s absolutely unusable with lag being unbearable and frustrating. Having said all that, the effect is still cool, when you are able to get it and is a nice addition, but don’t try it unless the lighting conditions are very good.

Oukitel U20 Plus SLR

Video Quality is very good, with FHD recording enabled on the main cam and 720p on the front camera.

Thanks to the very good Sony IMX135 video quality is again superior to all phones at that price range.


Oukitel U20 Plus Promo

As the slogan suggests, Oukitel U20 Plus really does redefine Budget Smartphone photography, with an excellent front and back cams!

The SLR mode is a nice option to have, but unless conditions are perfect I wouldn’t recommend you using it unless you are prepared for frustration.

Other selling points are the superb UI performance and a gorgeous 5.5 FHD display!

I really recommend you picking up the Oukitel U20 Plus if you are on a tight budget and care about camera quality
and good user experience!

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/cZpGiJ)



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