Nubia M2 vs Oppo R9S : Comparing Two Identical Phones

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Pricing has always been one of the decisive factors when buying a smartphone. In this sense, any smartphone priced between $300 – 400 should correspond some requirements, because this is one of the most attractive niches. One of such handsets named the Nubia M2 has been uncovered a couple of weeks ago. It grabbed customers’ attention immediately after the release. This handset is priced at 2699 yuan, which is equal to $391. But it’s very difficult to assess whether this handset deserves its pricing or not. So we decided to compare it with one of the most popular devices in this niche, the Oppo R9S that also sports identical features. The comparison article will find out all the advantages and shortcomings of both smartphones.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

Nubia M2 vs Oppo R9S: Appearance

The Nubia M2 sports a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a very narrow frame. The overall front panel looks very attractive due to nubiArc curve design. Moreover, this is the first phone of this company coming with a pre-fingerprint identification. Though the manufacturer moved the scanner from back to front, it kept the red circle on the home button. So no matter you like it or not, this circle has become one of the descriptive signs of Nubia brand.

As for the back, the Nubia M2 comes with an all-metal body accounted about 95.6%. The dual-camera arrangement and the injection molding antenna make us to think this is the iPhone 7 Plus. But let’s think about it as a simple and great design used by many smartphone makers.

Nubia M2

The Oppo R9S comes with a similar appearance with a 1.6mm ultra-narrow frame around the same 5.5-inch AMOLED screen. Like its rival the R9S uses a front-mounted fingerprint identification. So we can state this is trendy for smartphones from this niche.

The back of Oppo R9S comes with an all-metal housing passed sandblasting process. But unlike the Nubia M2 this model uses a three-stage antenna design. Therefore, the body is stronger.

Nubia M2 vs Oppo R9S: Performance

Both models are packed with a Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor. But this doesn’t mean they should provide an identical performance. The main difference between these two smartphones is the UX performance. Looking at the benchmark results we can’t give preference to any of them, as they score identical points. But when it comes to practice, especially to game performance, the Oppo R9S seems to be better. However, it’ll be fair to say both smartphones are good in terms of performance. No complains.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

Nubia M2 vs Oppo R9S: Battery

As the Nubia M2 as well as the Oppo R9S come with the same display and processor, and the battery capacities are almost the same, we have all reasons to think they will discharge it identically. However, an actual 4-hour battery test shows both models drainage the power similarly during the first three hours of the same. But starting the fourth hour of the test the Nubia M2 consumes less power than the Oppo R9S. This makes us to think it will provide longer battery life.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

As for charging, both models support fast charge technologies. But it’s too difficult to sort out what is what. At the first phase the Nubia M2 was charging faster. But starting the 40th minute of the test the Oppo R9S began outrunning its competitor. As a result it fully charged in 80 minutes, while the M2 did in 90 minutes. On the other hand, Nubia M2’s battery is a bit larger, and most likely this is the main reason why it took longer to charge it fully.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

Nubia M2 vs Oppo R9S: Camera

Camera still remains the key feature of the Nubia M2 as this is the first dual-camera smartphone of the company. The phone sports a dual 13MP camera supplied by Sony (one RGB camera sensor + a black and white sensor). It supports a mixed focus mode comprising of PDAF + contrast focus. Another advantage of it is the built-in NeoVision 6.5 photography system customized for this phone. Finally, there is a 16MP single front camera at f/2.0 and supporting double fill light as well as Micron self-timer function.

The Oppo R9S is more known for its 16MP front camera at aperture of f/2.0. But the rear camera at 16MP and coming our way from Sony is capable of taking great photos as well. It supports dual-core focusing technology which means each pixel area is increased by 100% as well as there is an improved average focus speed. Moreover, the back camera comes at f/1.7 aperture. Therefore, the photos are more vivid and realistic.

When shooting outdoor the Nubia M2 adds some pinkish shade to the photos. In this sense, the white balance at the Oppo R9S is more accurate. So we have to write down the Oppo model is more preferable.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

In terms of contrats, the Oppo R9S provides a slightly higher photos.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

When zoomed, the Nubia M2 takes advantage to the Oppo R9S. As you can see, the texture of the building wall is clearly visible, while the same details are blurred at the R9S.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

When capturing indoor the Nubia M2 yields a bit. Looking at the sample photos we can notice they are a bit darkened.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

The same can be said about the color reproduction. The Oppo R9S takes better photos. The noise control is also good.

Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2Oppo R9S vs Nubia M2

As a verdict, the Oppo R9S is a selfie-centric smartphone, which means it should pay more attention to the front camera. But as we’ve seen the rear camera provides respectable shooting experience as well. On the other hand, the Nubia M2 is a dual-camera phone, which simply means it is a head higher in many cases. Probably, the manufacturer has to improve it in the future for better results.

Final Words

Both handsets look stylish, provide the same performance, are packed with large capacity batteries, support fast charge technologies and are great in terms of shooting. I am not talking about the same price level. So which of them is preferable? The Nubia M2 is the first dual-camera smartphone of the manufacturer, which means it’s a pathfinder, pioneer for next-gen M series handsets. Therefore, it’s unfair to expect more from this device. Moreover, the Oppo R9S is the worthy successor of the legend phone, R9 that has been sold over 20 million units. I mean it’s more experienced and know why it’s been launched and how to win customer’s hearts. They look attractive and they have many common lineaments with the iPhone. So you do decide which handset is at your taste. We think it’s a draw.




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