Nexus 5 2015 rumors: Is device still on track for an October-November release?

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Nexus 5 impressed both critics and users alike in 2013 that Google decided to come up with a newer 2015 version. And ever since its announcement, Nexus 5 2015 has been one of the most awaited Android phones as of late.

Recent rumors say Google’s Nexus-branded 2015 phone will see its release this August. Expert Reviews, however, seems to think it will be later than that, based on latest reports.

The site says the latest Nexus phone, to be produced by LG and Huawei, will hit stores late October or early November and they dub this prediction as “a near certainty.”

Other things circulating the rumor mill about this year’s Nexus 5 is that its hardware will almost be the same as some of the top-of-the-line smartphones but will most likely come with the latest Android version, following Google’s tradition of releasing phones that ship with a major Android upgrade. Price point will range around $400 to $500.

Expert Reviews is certain of the October-November release date of the 2015 Nexus 5 as all Nexus phones to date have been unveiled and launched around the same time. If history repeats itself for the new phone, then Android users can also expect a major Android update within the summer.

A lot of Google phone fans are banking on the new Nexus as Motorola’s Nexus 6 was a bit of a disappointment. Not that it was a bad phone. However, it was more of a phablet which was not able to maximize the new features of the Android 5.0, which worked well for the new Samsung Galaxy Note series.

A return to LG as the manufacturer is definitely good news to those looking at adding another Google phone to their names or those simply wanting to update their Android phones. Nexus 5, which was also produced by the Korean electronics company, is arguably the most popular Nexus to date, impressing critics and users alike with its jam-packed features and low price.

Stay tuned for further updates on the release date and specs of the Nexus 5 2015.




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