Meitu M8 Review: Selfie-Focused Phone With AI

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Taking selfies is a fun job. Some think it’s a disaster, but the other are sure it’s a fashion trend. Regardless how you’re treating this we should think of it as a phenomenon we meet every day. The smartphone makers use this info to come in with products designed for this business especially. Of course, we know there are many smartphones with large front camera lens. The most popular of them is the Oppo R9S. This phone doesn’t need to talk about much. But there are many other smartphones packed with identical features as well. Today we are going about one of those selfie-centric smartphones announced recently. Today we are going to review the Meitu M8.

Meitu M8

Meitu is not popular as much as Xiaomi, Huawei or other Chinese brands. So many think it wouldn’t be able to sell more or enter the western market. However, these thoughts are not correct. The Meitu M8 is known to many foreign customers. Moreover, foreign media has already managed to praise this awesome smartphone.

Say, Tech Crunch has published an article focusing on its AI-powered beautification and dual-pixel front camera.

The Verge has come in with another interesting article.

iTechPost thinks this is the smartest selfie-phone in the world.

As you see, the Meitu M8 has been welcomed warmly. It’s not accidental. The phone comes not only with a large front camera but a few innovations such as selfie-timer based on AI. Plus, it has an interesting feature beautifying your selfies immediately after the shooting.

Lastly, the Meitu M8 comes with the double-V design like its sibling, the Meitu M8. So this handset comes with at least three selling points. But there are many other features we should get acquainted as well. So let’s take a closer look at this outstanding smartphone.

Meitu M8 Design: V-shaped Phone for Females and Not Only

We have been familiar with this shape starting the Meitu 2. Thus this ‘gen’ is in Meitu’s phones since the second generation and it has not been mutated. Many don’t like it, but those who want something new and fashionable, accept it. Though we are reviewing the pink variant, which should win ladies’ hearts only, the rest of color options look amazing and can be attractive for other customers as well. Lastly, a double-V-shaped body is not only a case of design but a structure as well. I mean it allows manufacturers to replace the placement of many components. You’ll be convinced in it soon.

The front panel comes with a 5.2-inch AMOLE screen at 1080p resolution and 423ppi pixel density. Thus everything is reproduced clearly on it, and you’ll everything in its true colors.

meitu M8

The proximity sensor and dual front camera are located above the screen.

meitu M8

The Home button is on its regular place. There is also a fingerprint reader integrated in it. This scanner supports AliPay as well as WePay. The return key accompanied with a multi-tasking key are on the right and left sides of the home key. They have backlit.

meitu M8

The back panel is made of glass. It’s curved in all 4 sides. This 2.5D arc glass makes the phone be very comfortable when holding in hand.

meitu M8

The Meitu M8 comes with a huge camera lens paired with two LED flashes that are located on both sides of the camera.

meitu M8

As we are dealing with a glass back panel, there are not ribbons for antenna. So the phone looks amazing and without any interruptions.

meitu M8

The SIM card slot and a noise reduction microphone are on the top.

meitu M8

Note: It supports only a single card.

meitu M8

The bottom carries a 3.5mm audio jack, speaker, USB Type-C port and another microphone hole.

meitu M8

The power button is on the right. A dedicated selfie button is a bit lower.

meitu M8

Meitu M8 AI: How It Works

One of the key features of the Meitu M8 is artificial intelligence support. We are familiar with it from the Meitu M8 unboxing article. But let’s explore how it works. According to Meitu CTO, Zhang Wei, AI used in this phone is divided into two parts – one of them refers to the facial recognition and landscaping, while the second one concerns background recognition and landscaping.

Facial recognition is used to identify facial features, gender, age, skin color, contours and other factors and customize them in order to get a better photo. As for the background recognition, the AI identifies the background by giving them brighter color shade. This helps the phone to know the right edge between the background and a person.

Actually, the AI in the Meitu M8 does a lot of job to get an effect we want. So let’s see how it works.

Once the photo is taken, the Meitu M8 slits out the hair and the body of a person.

Then it uses a special technology to make the hair look more beautiful.

Next, it adds some gold shade to the hair making it shine.

Fourth, the AI uses another technology to position facial features. This helps the phone to makeup, zoom eyes, beautify the face and so on.

Finally, the Meitu M8 uses an image semantic segmentation technology for portrait and background separation. At the end, it combines all the effects.

Meitu M8 Camera: Great Lens Combined With AI

As this phone is designed mainly for females, it’s quite expected to see many features made for them as well. Say, this is a regular selfie-focused handset with a dual 12MP camera on the front. It sports a Sony IMX362 sensor with an f/1.8 aperture and supports OIS. As for the rear shooter, it is a 12MP sensor as well. But in comparison to the front one, this has a model number of IMX230, and its aperture is f/2.2.

Meitu M8 camera

The camera app is easy to use, as all the features are familiar to us.

Here is a great example how the front camera beautifies the face via AI described above.

To check the background blur effect, we took another photo.

Here is a photo showing how the camera can make a cover photo with one touch.

As the Meitu M8 comes with 12 different filters you can use any of them at a case.

HDR Mode On


As for low light photos, we can see the color reproduction is not perfect. The red/pink color prevails. But the shooting performance is still acceptable.


Meitu M8 Software: Not For Males

Meitu M8 comes with a custom-made MEIOS 3.6 UI based on Android 6.0. Though it is very easy to navigate and interact with the phone, M8’s MEIOS 3.6 looks made for ladies.

There are a few styles you can choose from. Say, the example on the right comes with irregular fonts.

As you see, the notification bar looks identical to other Android-based phones.

Meitu M8 offers an interesting way to schedule your day by adding notes and reminders.

Meitu M8 Performance: What Can Offer Helio X20

The phone comes with a MediaTek Helio X20 processor, specifically MT6797m, which is the lower version of this chip. It comes with two A72 cores, four A53 large cores and four A53 small cores. Thus we are dealing with a deca-core processor based on 20nm process technology. But all these numbers look great only on paper. Let’s take a glance at the benchmark scores.


GeekBench 4



Meitu M8 Battery: One Hour Charging = Up to 90% of Power

This handset comes with a 3000mAh battery supporting 18W fast charge technology.

To understand how it behaves in real life, we take a few tests. During the test we set some limitations:

  1. WiFi was turned off.
  2. No apps were running at background.
  3. Brightness was set at 50%.
  4. No SIM card was inserted.
  5. Remaining power was at 2%.

As you can see, the Meizu M8 shows incredible charging speed – it reaches up to 98% in 1 hour. Only at the end it slows down. It took only 73 minutes to charge fully.

As for discharging, the phone was tested via PCMark. The results are not satisfactory. During the whole test we played different videos, create docs, edited photos, and made other daily operations until there was remaining only 20% of power. It lasted 6 hours and 22 minutes.

  • Full HD AMOLED screen
  • Selfie-centric camera
  • Beautification based on AI
  • 18W fast charge support
  • Large Memory
  • Stylish look
  • Mid-end processor
  • Android 6.0

Final Words

We have reviewed too various selfi-centric smartphones including the Leagoo T1, iNew Pandora R9, and Oppo R9S. Each of them comes with features it could stand out. But none of them looks as stylish as this one. So when we talk about the Meitu M8 we should remember this is a phone differing from its rivals by design first. On the other hand, the Meitu M8 comes with AI component, which helps make great selfies. So those customers who want more from taking selfies, should take a look at this phone.

As for availability, the Meitu M8 costs 2599 yuan ($380), which is less than the Oppo R9S, but seems a mid-range handset shouldn’t require so much. On the other hand, we are dealing with an AI-powered smartphone.




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