Meiigoo M1 Unboxing and Impressions: A New Player Enters with GLOBAL 4G/LTE FOR JUST 199$

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With brands like Doogee, Elephone, Oukitel, Bluboo and more the Chinese smartphone market is clearly overcrowded, but that doesn’t mean more competition is not welcome. Many of these brands clearly have quality issues and any new players are welcome to bring better quality to the table. Today, we have a new player in Meiigoo M1 phone. Let’s check it out:

Meiigoo M1 Specs, Unboxing and Impressions

Usually, I do a sheet with all the specs, but here Meiigoo has them all written neatly for us on the back of the box.

meiigoo m1, specs, price

Meiigoo M1 Specs: Helio P20, 6GB RAM, 64GB, Android 7

While we saw many 6GB RAM phones with Helio P20 and dual-cameras recently, not all have a front fingerprint scanner, 4000mAh battery and In-Cell Display.

Always nice to see a full set of sensor unlike competing brands. Furthermore, M1 has 4G/LTE bands that cover Every Continent!

Yes, Meiigoo M1 works in the US! Offering bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,17,19,20,38,39,40,41 and 0 CDMA BAND!

Apart from that M1 runs Android 7 Nougat and has customizable LED Notification Light!

Meiigoo offers an amazing display for just 200$. Couple that with superb specs and bigger battery things start to look very rosy.

meigoo m1 unboxing

Meiigoo M1 Display has InCell technology like Vernee Mars Pro and iPhone Series

Needless to say this display trumps anything done by companies like Bluboo, Doogee and Elephone , as far as 200$ phones concerned.  I especially love the capacitive front fingerprint scanner, thin side and bottom bezels. This phone is well made definitely impresses.

meiigoo m1 unboxing

Packed inside the box we find a USB-C cable, fast charger, manual and additional tempreder glass.

meiigoo m1 back

Turning the phone we find silver-painted metal back where the dual-cameras and dual-tone LED flash reside. Meiigoo uses a Sony Exmor sensor and an additional sensor for depth.

Here’s a few Meiigoo M1 Camera samples.

And last, but not least is Meiigoo M1 Antutu Score and some final thoughts.

Meiigoo M1 Price

You can buy this lovely phone with GLOBAL 4G/LTE, InCell Display, 6GB RAM and Customizable LED for just 200$. At this price I believe M1 offers a bit more compared to phones like Vernee Mars Pro, Doogee BL5000 and Bluboo S1. It may not bezel-less, but the display quality surely makes up for it.

Even more details await in my Meigoo M1 Unboxing Video




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