Everything Vernee Thor E – Full Review – Pushing The Budget Phone To the Limits!

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Thor E offers Android 7.0 Nougat, 5020mAh Battery, Octa-Core and 3GB RAM!

You won’t believe my Vernee Thor E Review, because specs, price and lookssuggest something much more expensive. Last week we unboxed this premium new phone from Chinese manufacturer Vernee. You can check my initial impressions here. Recently smartphone companies like Sony, Samsung and Lenovo released plenty of budget segment products.

thor e review best budget phone

We are talking about phones below 100$, but which ones offer the best value for your money? Are you willing to buy the new Moto C, or Samsung J3 2017, how about Sony L1? Offering quad-core processors and weak specs Sony and Samsung keep asking over 150$+ for their “budget” devices. After spending a full ten days using Vernee Thor E I can tell you there are much better alternatives costing less.

Vernee Thor E Specs

Chinese manufacturer Vernee decided to offer more to the consumer, so let’s analyze Vernee Thor E specs.

thor e review

Vernee Thor E Specs

First of all you are looking at a very thin and light device packing 5020mAh Battery! In addition you also receive Quick Charge features. Turning on the E-ink mode will save you even more battery life, most of all retaining internet usage and a few selected apps. Most noteworthy, Vernee Thor E is 4G and VoLTE capable. Software-wise Thor E is running VerneeOS based on Android 7.0 Nougat, however, the experience is stock Android without bloatware. Powered by an Octa-Core chip making sure you have enough performance for your daily tasks and some gaming, in addition the 3GB RAM offers great value for passionate multitaskers. Five and 8 MP cameras provide your photography experience and that’s to be expected with these price limits.

While other specs definitely look good, the main star is the fastest and most accurate fingerprint scanner and premium back plate.

thor e review designthor e premium back and fingerprint scanner

Pros and Cons

I decided to focus the entire review on Pros and Cons instead of the usual segment by segment style. Let me know if you prefer my new approach compared to the older one. First of all, let’s start with what I like about Vernee Thor E.

thor e best price

Thor E Pros : All the Performance, Features, Looks and Battery Life you need for the lowest price

Vernee definitely hit gold with the configuration. Android Nougat provides a light, but feature-rich software experience. Thor E can do split-screen multitasking and screen-recording for those who wonder. From the 16GB storage 10 are available from the start with the rest preserved for the OS, however, memory can be increased by adding up to 128GB SD card using one of the sim slots. You also get a notification light on your top right, without colour customization.

Thor E Stock Android with Google Assistant


thor e review nougatAndroid Nougat on Vernee Thor E

Thor E Battery Life

Especially relevant is the battery life with 5020mAh capacity you can get through any heavy day without worrying you might need a charger.

Speaking of charging, because Vernee Thor E supports 18W fast-charging you will have enough power to last a full day in just 50 minutes of charging. With a press of a button you can enable the E-ink mode.

While its main use is to preserve battery life it makes a great e-book reader out of Thor E as well.

You can add 6 apps to use inside the mode(excluding games), which keeps it customizable and flexible.

thor e review e-ink display


thor e review battery lifeThor E Battery Life Stats

Thor E Connectivity

All your google apps come pre-installed with Vernee adding over 30 languages adding superb international usage value. Thor E supports 4G/LTE bands 1,3,7,8 and Band 20, covering Asia, Europe and Africa 4G networks. GPS signal positioning and lock speed were more than fast considering the price.


Vernee Thor E is the most premium looking phone at this price

Ever wanted to buy a Huawei P9 looking for 4 times less money? Inspired to produce phones that draw attention Thor E really outshines the competition when it comes to looks. People will never guess you bought a 99$ phone at all. I showed my unit to a few friends asking how much they think it costs and not a single one answered below 200$.

thor e review designThor E Premium Brushed Back

Fingerprint Scanner

Vernee Thor E features the best fingerprint scanner in a sub 300$ phone I’ve ever seen.

As fast and as accurate as my Honor 8 and definitely better compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and even Mi 5 and Mi5S Plus. Unlocking your phones happens in the blink of an eye with excellent accuracy. I absolutely don’t know how Vernee achieved this in a 99$ phone!

thor e review fingerprintThor E packs the fastest fingerprint sensor on a budget phone

Main Camera Photos

Most of you will enjoy the main camera experience

While not big in pixels Thor E’s main camera outperforms any 100$ phone with faster focus and shutter speed. Most noteworthy, any image taken in good light is pleasing to the eye and usable in social medias.

IMG_20170609_170210 (1)
Performance and Gaming

Vernee Thor E can also be used for gaming with good performance. Racing and sports games with good 3D graphics run well, however, demanding MOBA and FPS titles will require you to lower the graphics settings. Respecting benchmark scores for a 99$ phone with just shy of 40,000 in Antutu 3D. Everyday tasks performance rarely lags with especially good RAM management and 3GB RAM on-board. Even split-screen multitasking doesn’t trouble the octa-core CPU.

thor e review benchmarksvernee thor e geekbench

thor e review antutuvernee thor e antutu score

Regular Updates

During my 3 weeks spent with Thor E I received 5 updates! That’s right – FIVE! Currently running the latest security patch for android June 2017(picture below is from before that), how many phones you know have that rolled out? I did experience a few bugs at first(mostly E-ink mode was broken) and they were all fixed within days. I didn’t even had to report them anywhere. Vernee are definitely doing their best here, I never expected to receive this much software support on a 99$ phone. Nice job.

thor e review updates

Thor E Cons: Sacrifices had to me be made to offer all the above for 99$

I was geared to be utterly disappointed by a good-looking phone that was slow with horrible cameras, however, Vernee Thor E is a valiant effort, but it does have negatives.

Display Brightness

First of all I wasn’t expecting much, but still feel the display panel could be brighter. You will not be able to rely on Vernee Thor E in direct sunlight, even on maxed brightness. In addition, backlit navigation keys would have been nice. On-screen keys can be enabled in the settings.

thor e review display

Speaker Volume and Call Quality

While I work in an office and keep my phone on silent most of the time I know some of you work in busy and load work-areas like construction sites, markets and shops.

Speaker volume is not enough to be heard ringing in a very busy area or buried deep down your handbag. The earpiece speaker can be louder as well.

It was actually worse, however, Vernee rolled out an update last week and now the volume has increased, but while riding the bus in Rush Hour I could barely hear what the caller was saying.

Selfie Camera

In our Instagram and Snapchat age Front cameras are very important for some people. While Thor E’s camera can be used, I’d say it’s not very good even for 99$. With too much or too little light photos come out either overexposed or too grainy. Definitely not recommended for selfie-enthusiasts on a budget.

thor e review front camerathor e review front camera

Conclusion – Should you buy?

With awesome battery life, neat E-Ink display feature and fastest fingerprint scanner on a budget phone running Android Nougat Vernee Thor E continues to amaze how much value you can get for so little money. Few sacrifices were made when it comes to speakers loudness and front camera, however, I’m sure most of you will simply adore this premium looking and feature-packed phone at this price.

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/c9gvsA)



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