Cube WP10 Review – A Giant with Snapdragon & Windows under $125!

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Android smartphones may get older and cranky because of the system freezes with the updates and all those apps. But, Windows Phones don’t follow the same footsteps like Android. Instead, it’s stable, and smooth Windows 10 Mobile OS immortalize the phone. So, no matter how old your phone is, with Windows run as many apps you can. Moreover, the fun doubles when a Snapdragon rocks under the hood. Such is our today’s protagonist, Cube WP10 with the same aspects mentioned above. Whether you hate Windows or not, one thing is clear that you’re going to love this big daddy for sure. Here comes the review to prove that Cube WP10 is worth of buying.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cube WP10

A Phablet Worth of Giving a Shot

Design & Appearance

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cube WP10

Cube smartphones and tablets are not that much stunning. The Chinese manufacturer always keeps things simple, and that’s why Cube WP10 is a plain phablet. To be honest, we get to see a tablet look in a phablet as Cube yields more tablets and rarely smartphones.


WP10 molds from plastic but the feeling never gets cheap. Apparently, to make it a budget-friendly phablet, plastic is selected. Regarding dimensions, it’s a massive phablet with 18.77 x 9.77 x 0.76 cm. We don’t know why the company didn’t settle it in the tablets category. Ah, we got it! That’s because of the 7.6mm of thickness which is almost impossible to witness in a tablet. Plus, there are some other phones related features that prove Cube WP10 belongs to team phablets. With the plastic as the chassis and thin structure, it weighs only 248 grams despite the tremendous size. Of course, the one hand operation is useless here and forces us on to use both hands for the operation.


On the rear, we see the camera and LED flash at the top right edge which is a little bit similar to Apple’s iPhone series, but instead of the horizon placement, the rear camera and flash are positioned vertically to each other. Plus, we see Cube logo along with some other similar logos.


On the front, there’s no button at all as the three traditional buttons (back, home, and search) are on-screen buttons. We see the front camera, receiver, headphone jack and the twins high sensitive microphone (see those two holes) on the top front.


Like we previously mentioned, the phablet is all about the thickness. Due to this, the sides of WP10 are fantastic. To further exaggerate the beauty and robustness the sides are forged from metal and luster with pride. Another unusual aspect of Cube WP10 is the dual microphones present. The bottom one is a standard mic while the top one is a  dedicated denoising mic. Sadly, viewing from the side, it looks like that the whole shell is metallic but any ugly attachment of the plastic rear.


In short, WP10 is a perfect blend of metallic, plastic and glass which looks like a premium one and never fails to give a surprise to the user on the first sight.

Hardware & Display

Cube is a lower and a mid-level terminals manufacturer. That’s why, under the hood of Cube WP10, we find an old Snapdragon 210, a quad-core processor running at a frequency of 1.3GHz accompanied by Adreno 304 as the GPU. Moreover, a generous 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage with the option of expanding it up to 128GB via MicroSD card, are also present. There’s a reason of using a Snapdragon as Windows Phone mostly support it instead of MediaTek.

Cube WP10 Review

Moving to the screen, we have a large 6.98-inch display panel, almost 7-inch that’s why we said that it’s a giant which has a resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD 720). The phablet is best for reading and playing multimedia because of the screen size. It’sIPS so the viewing angles are perfect with no blackness observed.


Don’t sadden up if it’s an HD screen, not a Full-HD one as the brightness and the contrast is perfectly balanced to give you a 1080p experience inside a 720p one. The phablet is best for reading and playing multimedia because of the screen size.

Connectivity & Camera

Now comes the selling point of Cube WP10, which is the connectivity. How often do we see a 4G network inside a 7-incher? Yeah, the probability is too odd and in this short list Cube WP10 comes first. The reception is strong of the WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. A selling point is the voice call quality as WP 10 has dual high sensitive microphones along volume plus technology, so the voice is the most cleared one in all of the smartphones, phablets and tablets in the Chinese market. So, we think that you should go for HD calls to take the full advantage.Regarding wired connectivity, we have the Micro USB Slot which sports OTG to attach Pen Drives and external HDD.

The camera section isn’t impressive at all on the front, and the rear cameras are 2MP and 5MP, only. Just to attract the attention of the audience, Cube adds theLED flash and Autofocus. But, everything is fair for a stupendous value.

OS & Battery

At last, the section which defines the Cube WP10. Android is much popular nowadays, and the majority of the devices features it. But, that’s not the case with WP 10 as it is based on Microsoft latest OS Windows 10 Mobile. We know that some of you hate Windows but this OS is not worth of loathing but praising. So what, if Windows 10 Mobile has limited apps in the store but all of them are stable, compatible with any Windows phones. Plus, like iOS, Windows is secure, faster, stable and enjoyable rather than Android. Cortana voice assistant is much better and accurate than the Google voice, and with the HD dual microphones, Cortana won’t mishear what you spoke.


The 2850mAh non-removable battery powers Cube WP10 Phablet. Even though we have an energy efficient processor and HD display, but the amperes are insufficientfor a large screen and a massive Operating System. Because of this, the phablet only runs half a day after an average use. The only reason for introducing that much amount of battery was to make it a lighter and slimmer built so that it can be classified in the phablet section; the plan worked, but it just literally destroyed the battery timing.

Specification Sheet

The Good
  • Huge screen
  • Slim and light design
  • Windows 10
  • 4G network
  • Dual Microphones
The Bad
  • No Full-HD Resolution
  • Inadequate Battery timing
  • Poor Camera

Cube WP10 is an affordable phablet featuring Windows 10 and Snapdragon at the same time in a large display. If you are not concerned with the battery timing and resolution, then we think that you should go for a try.

Price & Availability

If you are interested, in WP10 Phablet you can buy it from Gearbest for a price of $124.99 with free shipping.




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