Cherry OS Quick Overview: What Makes it Different from other Android Overlays?

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Along with the introduction of the Flare S6 line, Cherry Mobile also introduced Cherry OS, their Android overlay that comes along with the Flare S6, Flare S6 Selfie, and Flare S6 Plus. “We feel it is the right time to have something interesting, something different,” Lonson Alejandrino, Cherry Mobile’s Product Manager, said.

While Cherry Mobile has been using stock Android for the past few years, the introduction of Cherry OS added a few features that they believe will cater to the Filipino community. And just like most (if not all) Android overlays, the primary goal of Cherry OS is to give its users a better Android experience while keeping the phone speedy and efficient at the same time.

Privacy and security

Among the standout features of Cherry OS is its priority to security and privacy. To give users a peace of mind, Cherry OS includes 360 Security, an antivirus app,  and a Privacy System, where users have a password-protected storage for their private messages, media files, and apps. The latter is a unique feature of Cherry OS, and can be accessed through inputting your passcode of choice with the dialer app.

Personal and work accounts in one phone

Another addition to Cherry OS is Avatar Mode, which enables users to log in multiple social media accounts. With this mode, users can use one phone for both their personal and business social media accounts. As of this writing, social media apps like Facebook, Viber, and WeChat supports Cherry OS’ Avatar mode.

A few novelties

Aside from these two key features, Cherry OS has its own set of camera-related features through the Cherry Camera app. These include photo filters, panorama mode, photo and video beautification, bokeh mode, CuteFace and Beauty enhancements, and a Gender-based beautification algorithm.

If the gender-based beautification algorithm sounds foreign to you, Alejandrino explains that Cherry OS has a database of various male and female looks, which will guide the camera in giving the appropriate beautification. Alejandrino adds that the algorithm can be updated over time through future updates.

Other pre-installed apps under Cherry OS include Uber, Health Guard–an app that aids you in your work and sleep habits, App Clone, and Quick Touch–an app that adds an Assistive Touch button on the screen a la iOS.

That’s it for our quick overview of Cherry OS. We will be exploring Cherry Mobile’s new overlay together with our full review of the Flare S6 Selfie.




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