Bluboo Maya Max Review

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If you are looking for a handset at a low price and a list of outstanding features, you can find a ton of similar devices. Moreover, Chinese market is full of such handsets, but…many handsets are packed with eye-catching features and sport an awesome design only in papers, and when it comes to providing a real experience, most of them fail. So we have a purpose to introduce those handsets that are worthy to be presented, and today I want you to take time and look at an astonishing phablet dubbed as the Bluboo Maya Max.

Generally, we have talked about Bluboo and its products for many times, and every time we talk about them seems we can’t avoid using phrases like ‘budget smartphone’, ‘low price’ or ‘affordable price.’ That’s because this manufacturer is known not only for its outstanding handsets but also for their price. If you are familiar with the Bluboo Xtouch, the Bluboo Xfire, the Bluboo X9 high-end smartphones or the Bluboo Xfire 2, the first triple SIM smartphone or the Bluboo Xwatch and the Bluboo U watch smartwatches, than you should know this manufacturer is careful with every and each detail referring to its products, so be ready to see this rule for the Bluboo Maya Max phablet as well.

Bluboo Maya Max main


Though we can’t say this phablet has a unique design as it looks similar to the RN3 and the K5 Note, there are many design elements making the phone to stand out. Usually I don’t like to praise metallic body handsets as they get hotter when using for a long time, but it has its advantages as well.

Say it is very comfortable to handle in winter. On the other hand, there are tons of non-metallic smartphones that are made glass or ABS, but they warm faster than you can imagine. So I decided not to call this as a disadvantage anymore. Plus, metallic housing makes the phones to be more solid, while glassy phones opt to be damaged more often.

Bluboo Maya Max Backbluboo maya max screen

The Bluboo Mata Max is not too slim and too wide, so it’s very comfortable to handle and get any area of the screen you want. As you know, this is one of the main problems when it comes to phablets. In this terms, the Maya Max is designed in an acceptable way. Plus, the back of the phone is made of a 6000 series aluminum and curved that makes it cause no inconvenience when holding by one hand.

Bluboo Maya Max silent button

The front side carries a front camera for video chat next to the speaker. There are not capacitive buttons, so those three buttons will activate only when the phone is powered on. There is a back camera with a dual-flash, a touch ID and the Bluboo logo on the back. The right left carries a cover that protects SIM card slot and a TF card slot as well as a creative mute button similar to the iPhone, while the power button and the volume rocker are located on the right.

The top carries only the 3.5mm audio jack for earphones that comes with its own cap, and the bottom of the phablet carries two load speakers and a USB Type C port designed for charging and data transfer, but as you know this feature allows users to plug the cable in the way they want without worrying about breaking the interface

bluboo maya max bottomBluboo Maya Max audio jack

The Bluboo Maya Max comes in dimensions of 162.2X81.8×9.0mm and weighs 211 grams. Honestly, this is a bit heavier than I have expected, but as I said this handset is packed with a number of useful features and hope it weighs so due to them. The device is available in silver and gold.


The Bluboo Maya Max sports a 6-inch JDI display at a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and 85% screen-to-body ratio. This means we are dealing with one of the best displays available in the market. Plus, it is made of OGS technology, which means the colors will be sharper and more vivid when watching movies or playing games. It also comes with a lower consumption that has been a real headache for big screen smartphones (aka phablets). Probably you are informed that the bigger screen is, the more it expenses. And as screen have the highest level of consumption, phablets require bigger batteries. Therefore, all the phablets should be bulky theoretically. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with new technologies allowing users to charge the devices faster and blocking screens or other hardware from consumption.

Bluboo Maya Max multitouch

Unlike many other Chinese smartphones the Bluboo Maya Max comes with a ten finger touch panel that provides more accuracy and sensitivity when taping. But even don’t think the phone is not good in terms of durability, because the screen is made of Gorilla Glass 4 technology that means it is not afraid of scratches and bumps. Moreover, I can claim this is one of the toughest phablets I have ever seen.

At last, you can even play with your phone when your gloves or hands are wet. I don’t think this technology has been revealed by Bluboo as Nokia had been working on it for a long time investigating a special kind of frogs, but it is here anymore and you can enjoy it.


About a month ago we came with an interesting article trying to find out whether this handset is capable of standing out against other devices from the same niche. Now it’s the right time to put aside all the providences and review the cameras of this phablet in all details.

The phone comes with a 13MP rear camera with a dual-flash, very fast autofocus and f/2.0 big aperture. This simply means all the photos taken by this camera will be great regardless the conditions they were taken in. For example, the dual-flash provides necessary lightning to take clear and bright photos, while autofocus can help you when shooting the most important moments in your life and you don’t have to wait for several seconds till the camera gets ready for the next shot. The phone is also great when recording videos, and thanks to AF Sony IMX214 Sensor your videos will come at an acceptable quality. Thus it is capable of recoding 1080p videos at 30fps.

bluboo maya max back camera

The Bluboo Maya Max is also equipped with an 8MP camera on the front for video calls. Though many say there is no need to have a front camera bigger than 5MP, when buying a handset most of us look at this feature as well. I mean may be you won’t use the 8MP front camera fully, but it’s always nice when your smartphone or phablet has better features than others. Plus, it’s an era of selfies and many of you use the front camera more often than the rear one, right. You just have to know it’s capable of taking quality photos and recoding 1080p videos as well. Unfortunately, it’s only fixed focus.


The internals of this phablet are very attractive. The Bluboo Maya Max is powered with an ocat-core MTK6750 processor running at 1.5GHz frequency, and it is paired with an ARM Mali-T860 MP2 350MHz GPU and a 3GB of RAM. Thanks to this set you are given a unique chance of enjoying a smooth and stable performance that also has low consumption. The phone is also packed with 32GB of internal memory, which can be expanded via a TF card slot up to 64 GB.

I guess you understand a phablet with such features requires a capacitive battery, and this handset sports such, fortunately. Here we are dealing with a 4200mAhLi-polymer battery. Thanks to a 4.35v battery core of high capacity and high pressure the battery capacity is improved by 15% in comparison with 4.2v batteries. But this is not the whole story about this battery, as it is made of a special technology allowing users to charge 5 minutes and talk 2 hours. Generally it is capable of providing 11 hours of internet browsing, 52 hours of playing music, 46 hours of talk time and 466 hours (almost 20 days) of standby mode.

The phablet is also good in terms of connectivity. Besides the standard 3G support it comes with 4G+ LTE CAT6 technology that allows users to get the fastest connectivity and download speed. There is also Bluetooth 4.0 support to pair the phone with other handsets for different purposes.

Software and Special Features

Not accidentally this phablet comes with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow that is one of the main reasons why this handset has so low consumption level. The unique Bluboo UI is very ease in terms of using, so I guess you won’t meet any difficulties when handling the Maya Max. I don’t like to talk about Android features and apps/widgets/games available via Play store, as all the net is buzzing about it, and talking about it will be waste of time and copying the forums. So let’s take a glance at special feature coming our way via this phablet.

The first feature I want you to get acquainted with is the Fingerprint Identification, which is capable of identify users fingerprint in 0.1 seconds. Thus this is one of the fastest features we have seen in smartphones. Recently we reviewed the Ulefone Metal with the same feature and acts in 0.2 seconds. Plus it can identify your fingerprint even if you put it 360 degrees rotated. So thanks to this functionality only you can access your device data and apps. Finally, you can chose five actions to be implemented via this feature.

Bluboo Maya Max fingerprint

As we are dealing with a phablet it is always to access all the areas of the screen, so the manufacturer has powered it with a unique feature allowing users to switch it into a single hand mode that will turn the operation into a mini one. Thus you will be given chance to control your phone via one hand.

The Bluboo Maya Max comes with an enhanced GPS module to help users with rapid positioning. Thanks to the Real time location you will find the place where you are lost. You can even get directions to the places you want to reach.

Though this is not a unique feature and we have seen it on almost all Chinese smartphones, the Off-Screen Gesture is worthy to be mentioned as well. You can assign gestures to the apps and when the phone is off you can tap those symbols on the screen and load those apps.

When booting this handset for the first time, the first thing that amazes us is its sound. The Bluboo Maya Max is packed with the Smart Audio AP independent DAC and amplifier chipset from NXP that means this phablet offers a professional mobile HiFi Solution. The frequency the chip is working at varies from 20Hz to 20KHz. Thus it covers all the frequencies available for a human ear. It is great even when minimizing the noise, so be sure you will heard the music in a quality it has been thought to be.

Bluboo Maya Max Pricing

The Bluboo Maya Max is already available for pre-order and I guess it will become a top selling product at many retailers. It is priced at $177, thus you can get your hands a high end device with astonishing features for a penny.


  • 6-inch HD display
  • Octa-core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Rear Camera with dual
  • Long lasting and quick charging battery
  • Android 6.0
  • Tons of unique features
  • Price tag


  • Design

The Final Words

This is one of the most attractive devices I have ever seen. The list of special features designed to help you is endless. It’s not overpriced as well. The only complaint refers to the design, but as you know it’s a matter of taste.




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