BlackBerry Key2 first look: Minor changes make for a better device, but is anyone going to buy it?

Following a year on from the resurrection of the keyboard-toting BlackBerry KeyOne, the Key2 has just been unveiled at an event in New York.

BlackBerry Key2 price

The BlackBerry Key2 will retail in the UK for £579/$776, with US prices yet to be announced. BlackBerry also teased it’ll be available on carriers and sim-free.

BlackBerry Key2 release date

No specific release date was given but expect to see the Key2 on shelves before the end of June.

BlackBerry Key2Like the KeyOne, the Key2 isn’t your typical Android phone: it harks back to BB’s glory days but ditches the proprietary software for Android. This is very different from every other Android phone out there for the simple reason that it has a physical keyboard.

Blackberry Key2 Blackberry KeyOne
Processor Snapdragon 660 Snapdragon 625
Display 4.5-inch, LCD 4.5-inch, LCD
Battery 3500 mAh 3505 mAh
Android version 8.0 7.1
RAM 6GB 4GB (6GB on the black version)
Storage 64/128GB 32/64GB
Dual-Sim Yes Yes
Expandable storage Yes Yes
Camera 2x 12-megapixel 12MP
Front camera 8MP 8MP
The keyboard was pretty good on the KeyOne, but it’s better here. Blackberry said the keys are 20% bigger – hard to tell this as they’re still kind of small – but the bigger difference during my short time with the device was the new matte coating. Instead of being glossy, the keys are now less slippery and a lot grippier. It’s much easier to comfortably, and quickly, move across the keys and to type faster.