25 reasons why Xiaomi Mi5 is better than OnePlus 3

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1.Narrower body


Xiaomi Mi5 is narrower than OnePlus 3 (69mm VS 74.7mm). This fact makes this model much more convenient for keeping it either in a pocket of your jeans or in your hand while talking.

2.Lighter body


Another benefit of Mi5 is its weight. The phone is lighter than its competitor – OnePlus 3. It makes it more convenient to be carried as well.

3.The whole metal body


Mi5 consists of glass and metal only. Its competitor has got a plastic chromed frame, which gets damaged after several months of usage.

4.The display brightness


The maximum brightness of Mi5’s display is equal to 600 nits. The same parameter of OnePlus 3 is equal to 413 nits only. Feel the difference.

5.PPI 428 vs 401


The amount of pixels, located per inch on the display of Xiaomi, is higher, than a number of pixels on OnePlus 3’s display. It means, that the picture on the Xiaomi screen has better quality than on the OnePlus 3 one. However, it’s probably not so obvious on a daily usage.

6.MiUI 7 vs OxyGen OS


Another benefit of Mi5 is its Android skin. The phone uses MiUI v.7, when OnePlus 3 has OxyGen OS installed. MiUI uses iOS-like style, while OxyGen has same plain design, as has once been shown by Google. That’s why the benefit is definite.

7.The infrared port


Xiaomi equipped its smartphone with an infrared port. It allows using the device as a remote controller for your TV of gives an opportunity to transfer some files if you need. That’s a good feature, which is absent when we talk about OnePlus 3.

8.The barometer


One more way for the device to collect the information about the weather in your location is an installed barometer. Xiaomi can show you the atmosphere pressure, even without the Internet connection!

9.The colours


If you want to look stylish with your phone, you would be probably glad to receive an opportunity for making a choice. Xiaomi has a better one, allowing a customer to buy black white or golden version of Mi5. OnePlus 3 is available in gray and golden colors only.

10.Dual LED flash


In comparison with OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi5 has got a dual LED flash. It works the same, as the single one, but gives an opportunity for better lights, while making your photos. As a result, your pictures will look more naturally, even in the darkness.

11.Macro mode


One more feature, related to the camera, is a macro mode. It’s not available on OneLook 3, but it’s present on Xiaomi. This mode allows making a photo of objects from the close destination. As a result, you can make amazing pictures of ants or ladybugs with your smartphone.

12.The Deep Trench Isolation


The technology of Deep Trench Isolation has been first used on iPhone, in the autumn of 2015. It allows making clearer photos with the rear cam of Mi5. The difference in the pictures is obvious.

13.Sapphire lens


In order to protect the rear cam, Xiaomi used a real sapphire lens. It allows either to save the high quality and clearness of the pictures, providing needed protection for the camera (sapphire is twice as harder as the standard glass, installed on the OnePlus 3 cam).

14.Smile detection


In order to process photos more wisely, Mi5 was equipped with the special feature, called ‘smile detection’. Its role is obvious: it detects the smile of people on a photo, in order to focus on their faces.

15.Front: self-timer


Making perfect selfies will be real with a function of self-timer, integrated into Xiaomi Mi5. It’s absent in OnePlus 3, but this disadvantage is removable if you install some camera app.

16.WiFi Dual band


The much more important benefit, which can affect your online connection heavily, if you use same, dual-band, WiFi router. This function allows Mi5 using 5 HHz WiFi waves, which provides a higher connection speed, in comparison with ordinary WiFi routers. OnePlus has no such a feature at all.

17.Mu MIMO


Another WiFi-related technology, which is present on Mi5, is Mu MIMO. It’s a system of multiple users connection to the WiFi network. It is able to provide much higher speed for several users of a network at the same time, in comparison with traditional MIMO system.

18.Bluetooth HID


You can also control your Mi5 much more convenient! Use any controller device (like the mouse, or a keyboard) and operate with your smartphone easier. It’s a feature, which is installed on some other Xiaomi devices, including Redmi 3.

19.USB – host


Another interesting benefit is an opportunity for Mi5 to be the USB-host for any device. The hard disk drive can be connected directly to your smartphone!



For those users, who are going to use CDMA network connection, Mi5 is a great choice! OnePlus 3 doesn’t support working with this format at all.

21.The internal memory


The Pro edition of Xiaomi Mi5 has a benefit in its internal storage. It gives you 128 Gb of free space when the OnePlus 3 storage is only 64 Gb.

22.A louder speaker


The specifications of both models show that the Xiaomi speaker is louder than the OnePlus one. The difference between them is equal to ~5 dB.

23.Battery life


Traditionally, Xiaomi stays being one of the most long-living devices, thanks to its battery. It can work as long as 92 hours with no additional charge; while OnePlus 3 can stay enabled only for 66 hours. The difference is significant.

24.The Price

Xiaomi Mi5 review (2)-1200-80

Mi5 is much cheaper than OnePlus 3. Its cost is almost $100 lower, that’s what makes the difference! It also plays a great role, which shops you will order to the smartphone in. Sometimes this difference in prices can be even more.

25.AnTuTU ranks


Everyone loves benchmark tests – they show the values of ‘coolness’ of each gadget. AnTuTu is one of the most popular tests, which is widely used by hundreds of reviewers. It shows, that Mi5’s rank in performance is 179566, while OnePlus’s rank is only 140573 points. These results are amazing! If you want a fast smartphone – Mi5 is your choice!

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/4L0hZI)



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