Xiaomi Amazfit Review – Best Smart Watch Now Only 107$!

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Best Smartwatch Battery Life with GPS, Pedometer and MORE!

xiaomi amazfit smart watch review

Top trending smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch 2 and LG G Watch cost quite a bit, however, Xiaomi Amazfit Pace offers more and costs much less. Spending two weeks with this amazing piece of hardware has been a joy! Here’s why I think Xiaomi Amazfit is probably the best Watch!

Xiaomi Amazfit – Amazing Design

amazfit watch box

Right from the start, you are amazed by Xiaomi’s watch.

amazfit unboxing

English written, premium box and contents await Amazfit purchasers.

amazfit watch android ios

Compatibility with both Android and iOS is a bonus. A custom charger is applied within, therefore make sure you don’t lose it.

amazfit watch review sports gps

Taking a closer look at the ceramic body with chromatic display reveals excellent craftsmanship.

High-quality rubber straps surround the ceramic body with added air pockets making sure your skin breathes underneath.

xiaomi smart watch review

Xiaomi Amazfit Watch Setup

Starting your new Xiaomi watch and using it fully requires the download of Amazfit Watch app.
You must have a QR code scanner app on your phone to make it work. Scanning the barcode will lead you to Google Playstore Amazfit Watch App which you must download and install. Most noteworthy Bluetooth must be enabled to pair your phone and watch.

amazfit app settings functions

Once you install the app you have to create an consequently log in. You’ll be delighted to find plenty of customizations and setting within this well-written software.

amazfit app settings functions amazfit app settings functions

Notifications are the essence of a good smartwatch experience and naturally, Xiaomi has this part nailed down. Choosing which apps receive notifications and when to push them should be mandatory for all mobile assistants. Especially relevant is the “don’t push notifications while the phone screen is on” option.

amazfit app settings functions

amazfit watch notifications

Notifications are a joy to read on the big screen and calls can be either muted or hung up while caller names are properly displayed.

All permissions have to be enabled for full functionality.

amazfit app settings functions

What Can Xiaomi Smart Watch Do?

Lasting up to a whole week with normal usage and notifications is simply a dream for smartwatch fans. No longer will you have to re-charge your watch every night, unlike 300$+ Samsung, LG and Apple watches.

Starting with a five days weather forecast and weather change alerts.

Not enough for you? Clicking on the date will provide you with even more detailed information.

amazfit watch weather widget

Additionally, you can listen to music stored on the watch via BT headphones and setup alarms.

amazfit music

xiaomi scale price

Xiaomi Amazfit Sports Mode

All kinds of exercise modes including Run, Walk, Indoor Running, Hiking, Climbingand Bike Riding are present.

With built-in GPS functionality, you no longer rely solely on your phone. Starting an activity is simple with only one click. After  30-40 seconds the GPS kicks in and you can start your run, walk, climb or ride. Long running hours with GPS enabled are key functions thanks to the great battery life. Compared to other watched on the market Xiaomi’s can last up to 30Hrs with GPS enabled!

Constant heart reate measurement in sports mode provides a useful addition.

Upon finishing your activity you can save it to Strava, but only Strava. Other great features included are the compass, stopwatch, sleep monitor and pedometer.

Xiaomi Amazfit Watch Faces

While not being the best when it comes to quantity, the 10 or so watch faces highlight the best display features.

watch faces

On top of that, you can customise certain features within those faces like gauges and monitors within them.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pros and Cons

Ending my review on a high note, here are all the reasons you should make Xiaomi Amazfit Pace your next smartwatch!


+ Excellent Battery Life – Up to 7 days of regular usage and 30+Hrs with GPS ON!

+ Works with iOS(iPhone) and Android

+ Special chromatic display allows for excellent sunlight visibility

+ Sports enthusiasts will be astonished at the many sports modes

+ Easy and effective syncing Sleep, Steps and Training data

+ Rubber strap with air-holes allows your skin to breath beneath

+ Well written app without bugs and plenty of customizations and settings

+ Easier read notifications on the bigger screen


– Only works with Strava sports tracking app

– Can’t install additional apps

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/iBTKeb)



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