X2 3G Smartwatch, the new competence of all Smartwatches

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Recently in the world of smartwatches we have seen new products with highly competitive prices which want to deal with large companies as can be theSamsung Gear smartwatches or the news and recent Xiaomi Smartwatches or the incredible No.1 with its “G“ series that has been able to attract many buyers and keep them satisfied with high quality at a reasonable cost.

However, we see new smartwatches as Neeco V3 that promise amazing functions for a little price. Worth a try. In addition to this, recently has come on the market theX2 3G Smartwatch, a full Smartwatch with features such as 3G Netwrok, something not usually seen in most Smartwatches.

Let’s talk about the most shocking details of this new SmartWatch.


The design of the X2 3G Smartwatch to the naked eye is quite similar to the first model of Samsung Gear: square screen, silver frame, and a dark belt.

The X2 3G Smartwatch has 4 buttons (2 on each side) which allow fast access phone features like calling, music and other, having the ability to customize the setup menu.

The camera is on one side buttons, a constant that is seen in many Smartwatch cameras today, it is the best place in functionality to place the camera; we only lift the arm to take the picture.

The bottom of the X2 3G Smartwatch is made of plastic leather textured, this particular part needs to be a raincoat to protect circuits and components that give life to each of its functions material.

Finally, its belt is made of PU Leather, a durable material and cheaper than the Genuine leather but long term can damage or deformation.


The X2 3G Smartwatch display is 1.5 inches with a resolution of 240×240, covered with a glass with a half shock and impact resistance. While the display can be susceptible to damage, the metal frame gives protection on the sides that can counteract this display design and material lack.

With a resolution of 240×240, this X2 3G Smartwatch provides us not so greatdepth of color, but this kind of resolution and color depth is usually the standard in Smartwatches.

Chipset and memory

The X2 3G Smartwatch has an MTK6572 processor, 512MB of RAM memory available for apps and its OS, and 4 GB of memory which is usable for music, photos, videos and more.

These memory features are above average Smartwatches where many of them only have 64 MB of RAM, while others doesn’t have 4GB of storage, in this aspect, the X2 3G Smartwatch has many advantages over new smartwatches of “fresh “competitors in the world of wrist wearables.

Software and connectivity

The X2 3G Smartwatch’s software is based in nothing more and nothing less than on Android OS 4.4, this means that in addition you can be able to access all applications in the play store and to correct possible “software lacks” or include interesting tools, this one will work on Android devices. So, if you’re an Apple user or you’re thinking to be, perhaps this Smartwatch not for you.

The synchronization mode of this smartwatch with the devices is via Bluetooth V4.0, ensuring fast and efficient connection, especially intuitive for the casual user, just sync and play.

In addition to being based on Android OS and have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the X2 3G Smartwatch has a 3G connection because it uses a SIM slot type Micro SIMwhich allows you to have data and be independently connected to the internet at all times. Receive notifications, download an app, check XiaomiToday, all you can do with autonomy of the mobile network of your phone.

The frequencies working with this feature are:

GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz

WCDMA: 850 / 2100MHz

You should check that these bands function with your carrier in your country.

Unlike others Smartwatches that has this feature the X2 3G Smartwatch has the fastest mobile technology adapted to the smartwatches, because so far there is no Smartwatch that allows a 4G connection, but we know that soon will be. If you want to be the first to know, why not follow us on our Facebook page?

In addition to including 3G, the 3G Smartwatch X2 also has Wi-Fi connection, this allows you to synchronize at any Wi-Fi network and navigate smoothly, and even better, without consuming data from your operator.


Gravity sensor

This feature allows us to use applications where its functions are based on the movement of the smartwatch, it also helps in my measurement to know the exact point where it is at altitude and also support data collection by the GPS.


Among its native apps is the message feature. If someone writes a message to the number assigned to your SIM card, you can read in your X2 3G Smartwatch without major problems. Much more convenient than having to use the Smartphone, isn’t?

Sound recorder

Another of his native apps can record sounds using the storage space of 4GB that comes with the wearable. If you are an entrepreneur or student and want to record lectures or conferences without having to have a tape recorder in your hand and look like a fool, perhaps X2 3G Smartwatch can be the solution to your problems. Why not give it a try?


One feature that increasingly becomes more common in wearables. This measure steps you walk and tell you as soon as you walked or ran. An interesting feature that can wake your side runner raise.

Heart rate measurement

Ideal if you suffer from heart problems. The X2 3G Smartwatch can constantly monitor the acceleration of your heart. This may also be an indication to control the stress intelligently. Have you altered? Real-time checks your heart rate, if it is high, understand that should calm down and maybe go for a run trip.

The heart rate is also ideal for running; you can record the performance of your loved and essential organ during your workout and see if it improves your condition.


One of the essential features today. The X2 3G GPS Smartwatch allows geotargeting your location. In practical terms, if you go on vacation and you get lose, you can use the Google Maps and see where you are located, and where you need to go.

It is also useful for other apps which rely on your GPS location, or GPS functions you can access other features.

There are hundreds of apps in the play store with which you can record your route with GPS.

Now imagine you want to go on expedition to a mountain, you want to count how many steps did, you want to know what was the performance of your heart and in turn which was the route you did, and just when you’re on top of the mountain, you want to take a picture and share it instantly without having to wait to get home to have data. Do you imagine being able to do all this with just a watch on your wrist?

With all the features of this X2 3G Smartwatch, all this, and more is perfectly possible.


The battery of this Smartwatch is nothing more and nothing less than 600 mAh, which ensures the independence of integers you up to three days with normal use of applications. This is a pretty good performance for a Smartwatch.


Basic Information Type: Watch Phone
OS: Android 4.4
CPU: MTK6572
Cores: 1.2GHz,Dual Core
RAM: 512MB
External Memory: Not Supported
Network Wireless Connectivity: 3G,Bluetooth 4.0,GPS,GSM,WiFi
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Network type: GSM+WCDMA
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Support 3G : Yes
GPS: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Bluetooth version: V4.0
Display Screen type: Capacitive
Screen size: 1.54 inch
IPS: Yes
Screen resolution: 240 x 240
Camera Camera type: Single camera
Back-camera: 1.0MP
Connectivity SIM Card Slot: Single SIM(Micro SIM slot)
Speaker: Supported
Media Formats Picture format: BMP,JPEG,PNG
Music format: AAC,MP3,WAV
Video format: 3GP,FLV,MP4,WMV
Languages Languages: Multi language
Additional Features Additional Features: 2G,3G,Alarm,Bluetooth,GPS,MP3,Notification,People,Sound Recorder,Wi-Fi
Functions: Heart rate measurement,Pedometer
Package Contents Cell Phone: 1
Battery: 600mAh Built-in
USB Cable: 1
Dimensions Product size: 5.35 x 4.50 x 1.46 cm / 2.11 x 1.77 x 0.57 inches
Package size: 14.00 x 11.20 x 8.40 cm / 5.51 x 4.41 x 3.31 inches
Product weight: 0.076 kg
Package weight: 0.430 kg


No doubt, if this Smartwatch wanted to impress us with its features and characteristics, it has been achieved without a doubt.

This  X2 3G Smartwatch meets all requirements primaries that anyone currently looking at a Smartwatch, with a plus as is the 3G and Wi-Fi connection, besides the gravity sensor and the ability to receive text messages.

Being based on Android OS allows a range of possibilities and access to thousands of applications designed for Smartwatch involving features such asGPS and pedometer. Something that does not have many Smartwatches that although they have the hardware features, not being based on Android OS do not have access to the latest applications existing.

If you are an enthusiast and want a new Smartwatch wearables with an elegant design with features you can use in outdoor activities and you are an amateur photographer, this Smartwatch will be perfect for you.

If you are a “newbie” in this world of Smartwatches, X2 3G Smartwatch this certainly means a “start with the right foot” on this side of wearables.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/qADPKt)



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