VR-5 Nibiru Review

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Virtual reality headsets become more and more popular, as they are capable of taking people to another world without spending a penny. Those who want to plunge into a virtual world, where everything looks brighter and fabulously, should get at least one VR headset. We review VR headsets regularly, and if you follow us, you should be aware the world is obsessed of such headsets. Many users are eagerly waiting for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. But we know there are other VR devices coming at better design and sporting more powerful features. Recently, we have reviewed the PIMAX 4K UHD VR and Blue Amber S1, and we know how brashly this market develops. As of now, we get a chance to take our hands on another awesome VR headset dubbed as the VR-5 Nibiru.

VR-5 Nibiru 2

There are two types of VR headsets – one requires an additional device like a smartphone to put into the pocket, while the other type of VR headsets are standalone VR headset (aka ALL-IN-ONE VR headsets). As you guess the key features and pricing will change due to this factors. The VR-5 Nibiru is a standalone VR headset, so wait for quite acceptable features to be found in this device.

VR-5 Nibiru Design

The VR-5 Nibiru comes in a futuristic design. Even not wearing user can feel its designers have worked too much to bring a new look to it. The front side of the headset carries no logo or other information that can mean the manufacturer doesn’t highlight its brand and tries to shift the headset itself.

This VR headset comes at an ergonomic design with an adjustable headband and soft foam that will allows to feel no inconvenience when wearing it for a long time. If you are familiar with other VR headsets, you should know many of them come with a foam that is more rigid and though the headset has a curved inside, it becomes impossible to wear it during several hours. Fortunately, the VR-5 Nibiru has avoided this issue and provided better wearing experience.

On the top side of the headset you can find standard buttons to control your actions on it, and there is also a 3.5mm audio jack to plug earphones. There are also a mini HDMI port, a micro USB port and a TF card slot.

VR-5 Nibiru key description

Honestly, we are dealing with a great headset and it refers to its sensors as well. The VR-5 Nibiru is powered with a 9-axis sensor: 3-axis G-sensor, 3-axis earth inductor, and a 3-axis gyroscope.

The VR-5 Nibiru has three straps instead of two, so you can be sure it wouldn’t slip off your head.

The product is available in two colors – black and white. It comes at a 22 x 911.5 x 10.2 cm and weighs only 555 grams.

VR-5 Nibiru Features

The VR-5 Nibiru VR headset is powered with a RK3288 Quad Core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz SoC. And it is capable of providing great performance thanks to a few other features the CPU works with. I mean the Mali T764 GPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM. The last has an opportunity to be expanded up to 64 GB. If you are not aware, the RK3288 processor is perfect for various devices and applications that assess low power and high performance. It is also equipped with a separate NEON coprocessor to supplement the capabilities of the primary processor.

VR-5 Nibiru 3

As for other key features, this VR headset sports a 5-inch 1080p LCD screen with a 110 FOV and 3D video support. The lens diameters are 42mm. They are made of high transparent optic resin (PMMA) and have low dispersion aspheric structure. The lens also have a naked eyes with myopia reflection compensation under 600 degrees. At the end, the VR-5 Nibiru comes with a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery that is quite enough for a long term usage.

VR-5 Nibiru

Connectivity features are also up to the mark – the headset supports WiFi 2.4G 802.11 B/G/N and Bluetooth 4.0.

The VR-5 Nibiru runs Google’s operating system, Android 5.1, thus you get access to tons of apps, videos and music. The customized UI seats well, and you won’t meet any problems when navigating.

VR-5 Nibiru Pricing

The VR-5 Nibiru sports a lot of awesome features and it’s a standalone VR, so be ready to see it priced a bit more than other devices. At the moment, the headset is available at $150 price tag, which makes the VR headset to compete with other similar products.


  • Stylish and solid design
  • Quad-Core processor
  • 5-inch 1080p LCD screen
  • Android 5.1
  • 4000mAh battery


  • 2GB RAM

The Final Thoughts

VR headsets are the most favorite products offered in tons. There are stylish headsets and are products with terrible design. There are devices requiring smartphones, and there are standalone headsets. Their price tags vary from model to model – you can even buy similar headsets for $8 or $9. But if you are looking for all-in-one VR headsets, there are only a few options you can choose from, actually. At the moment, the VR-5 Nibiru seems to be a good device you can get your hands on, as it is sports many features you would like to see in your coming headset.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/xSoGNx)



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