V11 Smartwatch Review : An Overpriced Smartwatch

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Wearable technology have been advancing at a very fast pace. Smartwatch is a thing to wonder and admire with so many features stuffed in the small device. And yet it seems that there is no stopping here, and the pace of progress does not seem to be slowing down. Here is another device in the market – V11 Smartwatch Phone. We have conducted the Markrom V11 Smartwatch Review to see if it is real value for money.

Markom V11 Smartwatch Review

Why V11 Smartwatch Review?

Anyone buying a wearable, or any device or gadget in that matter, do spend a sum of hard earned money. And no one wants it to go wasted or buy a product that give low value for money. The purpose of this review is to share our hands on experience of the V11 Smartwatch. By our sharing of experience and views, we would love to empower readers so that they are in a better position while deciding to or not to buy the product.

v11 smartwatch review-left strapped view

Design and Hardware

Markom V11 Smartwatch Review

Markrom V11 Smartwatch Phone has a round dial. V11 comes with a MediatekMTK6261 micro processor with 64MB RAM and 128MB of ROM. It features expandable memory using TF card (not supplied with the product) upto 32GB.

v11 smartwatch review-left side view

The internal memory is only for systems and if you want to click pics and play music, you will certainly need to install a TF card to do the storage. And it is quite clear that this smartwatch is not a heavy duty and versatile with all the limited specifications. But while going through its interfaces and options, the smartwatch did respond fairly. During continuous and quick operations, it did not lag  much although it showed its scarce RAM and processor limitations minutely.

Although the manufacturer claims a comfort feel to wear, we did not find it to be quite comfortable while wearing and moving and flexing our wrists. Although, it was not to the extent of discomfort, but with the thickness of almost about two centimeters (1.55 cm), it was not much comfortable, rather average to below average experience.

v11 smartwatch review-back view

This smartwatch phone is powered by a Lithium Polymer, 3.7V with 350mAh battery which is considerable with the size limitations and form-factors  of a smartwatch. Talk hour lasted about 2 hours. And the battery gave an autonomy time of almost three days (standby).

Markrom V11 Smartwatch Phone is made of Zinc alloy and TPU materials. The strap is made of TPU material. We did not find it to be a sleek design either, although it appears to be robust at its price. Our V11 SmartPhone Revie evaluated the design to be above average.


Markom V11 Smartwatch Review

The screen type is capacitive  with a size is of 1.3 inch (resolution is 240 x 240). The screen is quite comfortable considering the small size that is 1.3 inch, thanks to the effort of all-round screen. And it was a good feel testing the watch. The smartwatch responded without much waiting time.


Almost every smartwatch can control the camera of your smartphone via bluetooth remotely and V11 did not miss on that feature. Additionally, V11 also has an inbuilt camera of 0.3MP to click pictures when greatly needed and when the resolution is not of much concern. This feature is, although not the first one, new with the smartwatches. The 0.3MP camera is located on the right side of the V11 smartwatch phone.

Markom V11 Smartwatch Review

There is no need to criticize on the picture quality of the inbuilt 0.3MP camera, as we do not expect great performance of it. The picture was grainy as expected with the shutter speed a little slow. Under low lighting conditions, the picture is of unacceptable quality.

However, with the smartphone camera controlled by V11 via bluetooth remotely, it is a common sense that the picture quality will be that of the smartphone. The bluetooth, while using for remote operation of the smartphone was fast with no considerable signal lag – thanks to the bluetooth v4.0.

Markom V11 Smartwatch Review

In a nutshell, its camera is just an alternative that we get while wearing the smartwatch along while moving and by chance we forget our camera or smartwatch, considering the specs and quality.


  • Supports Android and IOS
  • V11 is able to dial a number or answer a call
  • Messaging – send and receive messages
  • Access to phonebook, call log and message
  • Sync with smartphone
  • Music playing – Supports MP3
  • Pedometer that record steps and also the distance while you walk or jog
  • Sleep monitor to keep a track of your sleep hours
  • Waterproof (IP66)

v11 smartwatch review-screen edited


Let us have a quick run on the product specifications.

Processor – Mediatek MTK6261 Microprocessor
RAM, ROM – 64MB, 128MB
External TF Card Slot – Yes, Support upto 32GB (not provided with the – product)
Screen – 1.3 inch, Capacitive, Resolution 240 x 240
Camera – Yes, One 0.3MP (Located on the side)
Wireless Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 and GSM
SIM Card Slot – Yes (Single), nano SIM
Media Formats Supported – JPEG, MP3
Battery – 350mAh, 3.7V, Li-Polymer
Product Weight and Dimensions – 70 grams, 5.7 x4.7 x1.55 cms


With the basic hardware configuration of V11 smartwatch phone, and its basic features, the price seems to be a little high. At a near price range it does not outperform Ourtime X01S Smartwatch (priced at$66.99), but rather is inferior in many aspects. For instance, the V11 does not have a GPS module. Overall, not highly recommended at its price.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/wXUmgj)



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