TenFifteen A10 review : $20 smartwatch with camera

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The smartwatch market got renewed focus when Motorola introduced the world’s first round screened smartwatch in the best aviation watch.  Although that device is famous for its ‘flat-tire’ display, it led to a plethora of round-screened devices from various makers like LG and Samsung, among others, in the market. But unlike the other makers, who introduced these devices at high prices, many Chinese makers flooded the market with low-cost good performance round-display devices. Today,we have one such device with us, the TenFifteen A10 smartwatch, which is a watch with inbuilt phone facility. Let us see whether it’s a worthy device or not.

 TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

Unboxing and First Impressions-

The TenFifteen A10 smartwatch comes in a small white watch-box, with the image of the smartwatch in the middle. The package quality feels good and sturdy and looks good with minimalistic styling. Opening the box, we find-

  • The smartwatch with inbuilt battery.
  • A USB cable
  • User manual in English.
 TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

The watch does not come with a charger, which is expected considering its price. One can also attach the provided USB cable to any USB port to charge up the device. On first glance, the device looks a bit bulky, with the huge bezels on the side. On the right edge, we have the two buttons, finished in a chrome-like paint. On the left we have the Micro-USB port, which is covered with a rubber jacket to protect it from water. The plastic quality is okayish, with some areas well built but some areas having average quality plastic.

 TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

Up front we have the 1.22 inch circular 240×240 resolution circular display, which thankfully has a complete 360 design unlike the flat-tire design of the Moto 360. The camera is on top of it, having a resolution of 0.3Megapixels. The back has a SIM slot with an SD slot too, so you can use the use the smartwatch has a display too.


The TenFifteen A10 smartwatch is powered by a Mediatek MT6261 chipset, with 32 MB RAM and 64MB internal storage, which can be expanded using a SD card. It boots Mediatek’s own proprietary smartwatch OS instead of Android wear which is tailor-made for the low-power SoC. The device can communicate with Android devices over Bluetooth 3.0 by installing the smartwatch control app found on Play Store and App Store.

 TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

The device boots up under 30 seconds, after which a dialog box opens which asks the user to connect their smartphone with the watch. One can dismiss this notification and use the smartwatch as a standalone watch too. The touchscreen was smooth to operate and the icons are pretty clear and the interface is designed for circular screens, taking inspiration from the Apple Watch as well as Samsung’s Gear series of watches. The device connects under a minute when paired with the smartphone app and the app can be used to change watch faces as well as check the battery level of the device. The smartwatch also has a pedometer along with sleep-detection sensors, and all of the data is synced with the app.

 TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

Our notifications synced correctly with the device and we could also reply to notifications from certain apps like Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger along with the SMS app.The TenFifteen A10 smartwatch can also act as a phone tracker and it will sound an alarm when the phone is away from range. It will also give alerts if the user is in a sedentary position for too long. In our experience, these features worked well with the watch rarely disconnecting with the phone, although we’d say that the watch range was smaller than expected.

TenFifteen A10 smartwatch

The phone can also be used as a standalone phone, with it supporting all 2G bands. Typing messages was a pain in the small display along with dialling numbers and general usage of the watch as phone was a pretty pointless exercise. We would suggest you to use the watch connected with your phone rather than using it standalone. The camera was poor and photos taken with it were pretty useless.


TenFifteen A10 16

The battery of the TenFifteen A10 smartwatch is rated at 280mAh, with it rated to provide power for upto 72 hours. In our experience though when connected with our Android device, the battery gave up at the end of the day, so an everyday charging routine is recommended. Nothing surprising though, as smartwatches with these kinds of displays do not go on without charge for long.


Overall, the TenFifteen A10 smartwatch runs smoothly in daily usage, with zero lag or stutters anywhere. The connectivity and range is decent too for the price range. The touch works great, and while the display is no Retina-busting monster, pictures seem fine without any blur. Our only complaint is with the battery, which we had hoped would last for more than a day or two. Overall, good device with a mediocre battery-life and good for those who want to experience round-smartwatches without paying the glacial prices.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/Y8XH6g)



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