Syma X8hg Camera Rc Quadcopter Rtf Review – Amazing Picture Quality At A Give Away Price

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At the moment, the need for different kinds of gadgets both for commercial and recreational purposes is on the increase. Currently, there is a new surge in the demand for drones and quadcopters for various purposes. So far, some of the few we have seen have either been limited in functions or features, or they come at a neck-breaking price. Today, however, we would be introducing to you the Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Syma X8hg Camera Rc Quadcopter Rtf

The period of usage was awesome due to many features possessed by the device. The quality of the pictures and the videos are amazing and mostly in High Definition (HD) quality, likewise the height which the device can reach. Diving in straight, we would be covering some of the most important aspects of this drone such as the design, camera quality, price and other important features.

Syma X8hg Camera Rc Quadcopter RTF Review: The perfect combo – Good Quality, Low Price

Syma X8hg Camera Rc Quadcopter Rtf

Packaging and Contents

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Packaging

Upon unboxing the Syma X8hg, some of the accessories that come with it are the Syma X8HG 8.0MP camera itself, one remote controller which is used to control the device from any distance, and two spare propellers for changing in case the pre-installed propeller develops any fault.

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Unboxing

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Accessories

Other contents of the package are the user manuals which come in multiple languages (but only one with the preferred language will be shipped with the package), one 7.4V 2000mAh battery is attached, four landing gears (but only two can be used at a time), four propeller guard rings, one power adapter suitable for the preferred place of usage, one 4GB Memory card for saving pictures and videos, one Card reader and a Connecting Cable, 24 screws, foot stand, charge box, protection gear, and four propeller guides.

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Package Contents

The package is about 35cm in length, 35cm in width and about 17.1cm in height. This result to about 1.5kg in total weight including a gift box package that also comes along with it in most instances. The plugs are designed based on the required power content of each country and it can be classified into three (UK, EU and US). When ordering the device, it is necessary that you include your country or the country of usage so that you get the best power adapter suited for your environment.


Syma X8hg Quadcopter Design

The Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF is shaped with four different and well-spaced extensions with a centre well located in the middle. Looking at it, you might be forced to think of it as a toy for kids, but I bet you, it isn’t, considering the price, its features and mode of operation.

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Rear

It is designed with an ABS material with most of it donning the red colour. It has four sides of similar length with each side or extension bearing a fan on it and a metallic extension used for protecting the fan from any hindrance that might be experienced while in the air. Below the device, there are two extensions also designed with a metallic material in black colour leaving a nice space between each leg for the easy fixing of the camera.

The Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF is designed with the brand name “SYMA” at the centre of the device which is used to differentiate from the others in the industry. The device is controlled using a transmitter device due to the distance it covers which can’t be accessed manually.


Syma X8hg Quadcopter Motor

Syma X8hg Quadcopter in Flight

For first-time users of quadcopters, you might find it a little bit hard having to make use of this device. Fortunately, using this gadget has been made easy with the help of the user manual crafted for this purpose. After ensuring that the device is well charged to preference and the Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF is well fixed, switching the device ON is next and the device will be controlled using the transmitter.


The camera attached has a pixel resolution of 1920 by 1080 and a pixel quantity of 8.0 Megapixels. The transmitter can function at about 100m range to the drone and can be used to control it forward, backwards or sideways ensuring all preferred angles are captured well.

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Camera

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Camera Ports

Syma X8hg Quadcopter Camera Attached



The quadcopter is fitted with a nicely designed, high megapixel camera which produces 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pictures with nice colour quality, white and black pictures and others. The recorded videos can also be transferred to a secondary source for editing and enhancing. It is nice for documentary and adventure recording.



The Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF packs a 2000mAh battery which can last for hours when using. The battery requires around 180 minutes of charge for it to be completely full from zero percentage. The Syma X8HG camera and the transmitter also have one or two cell batteries. The device can be used for approximately 5 hours due to its strong battery life.


The Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF with all its accessories are very cheap when compared to others in its category (maybe that’s why it can be called an expensive toy because the price is too cheap to be real although too expensive for a toy). The price could go up to about $100 to $110 depending on which online marketplace you might be purchasing it from. Most stores sell the package for $109, but that can be discounted if the quantity you order is much.

  • Clean and high definition video and pictures qualities suitable for any type of usage.
  • Comes with a 4GB SD Card.
  • Low battery capacity, needs to be improved upon.
  • Although the picture quality is good, increasing the megapixel count will also be an advantage over others for easy recording of 4K quality contents.
  • The memory card space should also be looked into.


The Syma X8HG Camera RC Quadcopter RTF is another awesome product from the stables of Syma Corporation. It can be flown as high as 100m to the sky with good weather condition. Controlling the device is easy and fun, if quality video and picture contents are needed, RC quadcopter with Syma X8HG camera is the best to choose. Essentially, at a price that can be affirmed as a giveaway price, you can get one unit of this interesting quadcopter for commercial purposes or to meet your recreational needs.




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