Scishion V88 PRO TV Box Review

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The need for quality, entertaining and informative content had been on the rise over a period of time, making viewers search for a better and cheaper means than the existing technologies. So far, the astronomical rise in the purchase and use of Android TV boxes are due to the necessary and relevant features which it provides its users with. The Scishion V88 PRO is one of is one of them.

So many TV boxes are being manufactured on a daily basis, thereby flooding the market with both standard and substandard devices as well. It, therefore, becomes harder to make a choice out of the plethora of devices available.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Scishion V88 PRO TV Box Review

The manufacturer of the Scishion V88 PRO TV Box is a Chinese company dedicated to providing its numerous customers with a TV Box of exquisite quality, capable of high display, impressive performance and flawless design. So far, a lot of individuals have purchased this device and a lot more are looking forward to doing so.

The Scishion V88 Pro provides its users with quality contents in 3D, 4K and HD formats, the best that can be found in the industry at the moment. The device runs on the Android Operating System, thereby giving access to live streaming of contents via various applications pre-installed for that purpose among other great features. Let’s take a deeper look into this device.

Offering 3D and 4K in one device

Unboxing, Packaging and Contents

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Packaging

The Scishion V88 PRO and its accessories are contained in a small, black square-shaped box weighing about 0.499kg. On the top of the box package, it has “OTT TV Box” written on it in grey colours. At the bottom of the package, some of its features are written as well. By the side, a few other features are written as well.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Packaging Back

Opening up the box, you’d find the Scishion V88 PRO TV Box on top and wrapped in a protective material. Bringing it out, and the white paper layer on where it was set to sit on, you would see the accessories that come with this device.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Remote Control

These accessories include a rather short HDMI cable, a remote controller, a power adapter for this device and a user manual written in English.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Scishion V88 PRO TV Box Review

Design and Hardware

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box

The Scishion V88 PRO TV Box is a small black device that is built in a square shape, with a nice round edge for easy handling and balancing. The product is well branded with the name “Scishion” on the top right corner of the device with the “V88 pro” placed at the central of the top cover.

It has three USB 2.0 ports and a memory card slot for the expansion of the read only memory (ROM) space as the need may arise. It also has a USB 4.0 port, an AV and an SPDF port for connecting into the television sets, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port and a 5V power source at the rear end of the right side of the product.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Ports

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Connectivity

At the back of the TV box, we can find some holes that have been cleverly created so as to reduce the possibility of overheating on the device.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Design


The Scishion V88 PRO TV Box is a digital content provider that converts the function of an analogue television set to digital set allowing multiple TV stations to be viewed from the corner of the room. Although it converts analogue to digital, it also works for digital televisions also making it a necessity for viewers. The device works on one of the best and latest operating systems in the industry, Android 6.0 which is also popularly known as Marshmallow.

It allows streaming of different contents from a plethora of applications such as Kodi TV, Netflix, YouTube and similar websites. The device can be used to contact friends via social platforms like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and more. This device sports a Mali-450 GPU and an Amlogic S905X CPU whilst running on a processor speed of up to 2.oGHz.

Storage and Memory

The Scishion V88 Pro TV Box comes fitted with a read access memory (RAM) size of about 1 GB. This goes a long way in determining the speed and efficiency at which this device operates. Also fitted with this device is a Read only memory (ROM) also known as storage memory capacity with a size of 8GB. With this, you can easily download different contents into their device so as to be easily accessible when the need arises.

Software and Applications

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Software

This TV Box comes pre-installed with a wide range of apps. Some of them include Facebook, Gallery, Gmail, Browser, Netflix, Playstore, Movie Player, Kodi, Miracast, YouTube, Music, Skype, Aptoide etc. You are not limited to just these apps as you can install more applications via the Playstore app or the Aptoide app.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Applications

From the settings tab, you can make a lot of changes to the date and time, language, playback settings, Network, sounds, display, storage, etc.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Settings

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Sound ModeScishion V88 Pro TV Box AboutScishion V88 Pro TV Box Storage


Scishion V88 Pro TV Box WiFi Connectivity

By going into the network settings via the settings tab, you can connect this device to the internet via a Wi-Fi network. With this, you can browse the internet, update apps, stream videos on YouTube, make and receive video calls on Skype.

Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come with the Bluetooth software pre-installed so sharing files over Bluetooth won’t be possible. That’s a huge turnoff on this device, but if you don’t mind this so much, you can still get it.

Audio and Video Support

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Kodi System

The device supports different forms of content or information like the audio and video. It supports audio formats that are popular like the Media player 3 (MP3) format, AAC, OGG, FLAV, WMV and others similar to the above listed. The video formats the device support also include the MPEG, MP4, AVI, FLV and so on. It supports office documents like excel and word, also reads PDF formats and so on.

Display and Performance

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Performance

Although the device is designed to provide 3D, 4K and HD picture qualities for the viewers, the device does not have a screen but depends on secondary sources like televisions, computer and other viewing devices. The device connected to this device will determine the picture quality output.

Scishion V88 Pro TV Box Display

The performance of the Scishion V88 Pro TV Box is quite smooth as it plays videos flawlessly and with a clear picture quality.


The Scishion V88 PRO TV Box is small in size with a length of 11.60mm, a width of 11.60mm also and a height of 2.5mm. It has a weight of 0.145kg or 145g which is one of the lightest in the market.


One of the main aims of producing this device is to make life easier for the citizens which make the company design a great device like this with the minimum price required without tampering with the quality of the device. The price ranges between $30 to $40 subjected to discounts based on the quantity and place of purchase. It can be purchased on a number of online marketplaces such as Gearbest, Aliexpress, etc.

  • The device is lightweight and small in size which makes it portable.
  • It has a superb picture quality that gives full entertainment benefits to the users.
  • The device is pretty cheap and easy to use.
  • No Bluetooth support which is a huge turnoff on this device.
  • It heats up a little bit if used for over long periods of time.


The Scishion V88 TV Pro Box is a really great product. Having previously manufactured the original Scishion V88 without the Pro, this device is an improvement to the V88 TV box. Currently, this device is one of the best in the market today. The reason for this is due to the price at which it is currently being sold, which can be said to be one of the lowest, and the quality features which it brings to the table. For its price, lower than $40, it can be said to be a good buy.




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