SAMMIX R95S TV Box Review – Miracast & UHD Playback under $40!

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  • UHD Playback Supported
  • Miracast & AirPlay
  • Stupendous Price
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Mediocre Performance (Outdated Quad core processor)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SAMMIX R95S TV Box

A TV Box might appear no big deal for the techies out there. But, there are some incredible TV Boxes out there with praising features yet to be uncovered. Sadly, despite the stupendous price these Chinese TV Boxes fails to make an impact because of limited product awareness and advertisement. Our job is to enlight the readers to such products. Today’s protagonist named ‘SAMMIX R95S TV Box’ is one of those unknown Chinese TV Boxes but it’s worth of giving a shot. Seriously, can any TV Box provide Miracast (AirPlay) & Ultra HD Playback at the same time under $40?

Let’s dive into the details and SAMMIX better:

SAMMIX R95S TV Box Review – Too Much From a $40 Small Beast!

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - featured

What’s inside the Box?

SAMMIX R95S TV Box is sealed in a graphical box with the selling points illustrated. Still, the packaging appears to give a cheap first look, and the name of the product is not written, expect a tag fastened to it mentioning the model name.

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - Packaging

Like one said never judge a book by its cover, so never judge a product by its packing. The manufacturer seems to be generous to the users as a lot of accessories are given with the TV Box.

  • User manual
  • Remote Controller
  • HDMI cable
  • Charger

Design & Appearance

Starting with the physical dimensions, SAMMIX TV Box appears to be compact with an area of 12 x 12 cm and relatively thinner (2 cm) compared to other Chinese TV Boxes under that price tag. Of course, there are some more compact and thinner ones which are merely the size of a Pen drive, but they are more expensive than our protagonist.

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - main

The chassis molds from plastic so that the TV Box would have a low manufacturing cost. Plus, plastic enables the SAMMIX R95S TV Box’s weight to be equal to an average smartphone’s weight, 182 grams. Think that the plastic impression is cheap instead of metal housing? Well, think again because the material surrounding the box appears to be premium. Seriously, do you want to get some electric shocks with a metal housing (in a case of short circuit)?

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - Edges

Furthermore, SAMMIX has some curvy edges which exaggerate its beauty. On the front, we have the power LED which turns blue when switched on, while numerous ports on the rear and left. Meanwhile, the right side has no ports. It’s hard to think that how the manufacturer managed to integrate so much into such a limited space. For a better design, see Xiaomi Mi Box 3C.

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - Rear

Hardware & Performance

Jokes apart, you won’t find a powerhouse like a Snapdragon 820 at this price. To be honest, TV Boxes are meant to feature a powerful GPU instead of CPU as their performance is based on graphics. The better the GPU, the better is the TV Box. Still, Amlogic S905X as the SoC under the hood of SAMMIX R95S TV Box is also fine as far as the GPU is Mali-450, a little bit old but excellent when combined with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage (MicroSD card and external drives support) under $40. For better performance see: Zidoo X9S TV Box.

Connectivity & OS

There are numerous connectivity features, and we have divided them into two categories. First, comes the wired connectivity. HDMI port, two regular sized USB 2.0 ports, MicroSD slot, AV port and DC port, all exist in this hand sized TV Box. Although there’s no USB 3.0 or a Type C port, still we appreciate what’s there under $40.

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - Ports 2

The second is the wireless connectivity and serves as the selling point of SAMMIX R95S TV Box. Although it has a 2.4G WiFi which might be common in any TV Box, still, Bluetooth 4.0 is too much to handle, and it’s only the appetizer as Miracast / DLNA, and AirPlay is the actual menu. With these two on the scene, you can operate anything on a large display from your smartphone.

SAMMIX R95S TV Box - Ports

SAMMIX R95S TV Box runs on a stable and fast Android 6.0. It’s a stock Android, so we won’t see any extra apps, even Kodi player not comes pre-installed (download it from the Store). So what if it does not run on the latest Android 7.0, no other box runs on Nougat till date.

Playback & Support

Heading to the actual purpose of a TV Box which is its compatibility with the media formats. To be honest, there’s no media format on this planet that this box can’t play. Along with the two decoders H.265 and VP9-10 Profile-2, SAMMIX R95S TV Box is the few in the list of Chinese TV Boxes under $40 that features UHD playback. Moreover, supporting 5.1 surround audio also adds weight to the Chinese protagonist.

For more details, see the specification sheet mentioned below.

Specification Sheet



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