Proxelle Serenity Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Review

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Proxelle is almost an unknown brand in the audio industry, however, they’ve already released some affordable products on Amazon. I got a chance to review the new Proxelle Serenity over-ear Bluetooth headphones and found out the manufacturer did a lot of things right.

Unboxing Video

Design & Features

I was very impressed with the packaging and box contents of the product. The product come in an eco-friendly cardboard box and the headphones are kept in a nice carrying case, along with accessories like the micro USB cable, an airplane adapter, and an audio cable. The case fits the headphones perfectly and there is a rubber strap to keep them in place.

As soon as I took the Proxelle Serenity out, I was quite surprised with its design and build quality. I couldn’t believe these are budget headphones. The design is somewhat identical to the popular Audio-Technica MSR7, one of my favorite headphones so far. The 2 earcups can be folded flat in the same manner. Therefore, I have all the reasons to love the Serenity’s design.

Moreover, these are Bluetooth headphones with active noise-cancellation, so you can find some control buttons on the earcups. The noise-canceling switch and micro USB port are placed on the left while the power/Bluetooth button and volume controls are on the right earcup.

The headphones are equipped with a 380mAh battery. It could easily last over 10 hours in my test.

Audio Quality

Everything seemed too good to be true with the budget headphones. I expected they could sound as great as how they look. Since the design is similar to the MSR7, I thought the sound signature would be somewhat as great. Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed after trying the headphones.

The noise-canceling feature has a good performance. It could reduce the ambient noises but it doesn’t mean it would be completely silent. I still can hear a lot of noises on the street or on the bus, either they are low-frequency or high-pitched noises.

In terms of sonic characteristics, I didn’t enjoy the music experience when wearing these headphones. It is a muddy sound with a significantly boosted bass and distortion at high volume. This is the same sound as found on some other low-priced headphones. I’m not a fan of the bassy sound as a lot of details are lost and the treble is subdued. I prefer an open sound with a wider soundstage.



  • Premium design
  • Wireless and noise canceling features work well
  • Good battery


  • Mediocre sound

I really feel bad for the Proxelle Serenity since the design team did a great job. If they’d invested more in the drivers, the Serenity could have become perfect Bluetooth headphones for under $100.




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