No.1 G5 Smatwatch Review : Costs just $20

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Nowadays, Smartwatches are getting much popular than smartphones as they are offering much more than people expected. And as usual, Chinese manufacturers are the top players in that matter. One of them is No.1, a popular smartwatch manufacturing company. They have recently announced their No1 G5 smartwatch.

Design & Display

No.1 G5 is made up of stainless steel which suits for both sports and casual wearing. It delivers a round dial with a pretty good display with a resolution of 240×240 measuring 1.2″ inch diagonal. The size is reduced as much they can to make it light weight and fits smoothly into your wrist.

No1 g5

While scaling, the width is about 42mm, Height is 51mm and thickness is about 9.9mm. The fabric used to manufacture this budget gadget is also good in quality. No.1 G5 will be available in three different colours- Gold, Silver and Black.

No1 g5

Specifications and Features

On taking a note on internal components, it flaunts 380mAh battery inside that gives decent backup time. And all process is being controlled by the MT2502 chipset.

Just like other competitors, No.1 G5 sports health-related sensor to monitor and track your activities. Mentioning them, it holds Heart monitoring sensor to keep an eye on your heartbeat rate and Pedometer sensor to track the number of steps you have completed in a day. Doctor’s suggested that everyone must walk 10,000 steps a day. I know, it’s hard, but after all it’s your body, thus you have to take care of it. No.1 G5 can also count calories you burnt during exercise or running etc. It has an ability to inform you about your last night’s sleep and helps you to get better sleep. The sleep monitoring will be tracked using PSG sensor.

*You can see all the sensors along the spine of the smartwatch*

No1 g5


No words to say about the User Interface. You can’t even distinguish the original Analog clock and the No.1 G5 smartwatch. It shows both Analog and Digital clock. Personally, I loved the Analog style, it looks so stunning that it seems like that it actually has physical hands pointing towards the numbers. You can also set different types of themes. It has some basic features like Stopwatch, Timer etc.

No1 g5

Security and Apps

It comes with pre-installed contact, call logs, SMS apps. So, every time you get any call or messages, you don’t actually have to open your smartphone. You can check them through your No.1 G5 smartwatch. Other than that, it comes with Alarm, Calculator & Calendar apps as well. The on going apps will reduce the time to open your phone, and allows you to manage them remotely.

It is integrated with Anti-Lost feature as well. To make use of it first, you have to set the max. distance, when you crossed that distance from your smartphone, your No.1 G5 smartwatch will automatically notify you about leaving smartphone behind.

No1 g5


No.1 G5 smartwatch supports both Android and iOS. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch allows you to control the camera of your device through remote camera option on the watch.


It’s one of the best budget smartwatches that you can buy. The launch price of the device is just 20$ but afterwards, it reaches up to 40$.




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