MXQ Pro TV Box Review – The Best Content-Viewing Device

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Being great lovers of entertainment and information and having checked out a number of other TV boxes, we decided to expand our content viewing knowledge by trying out the MXQ Pro TV Box. This device, fortunately enough, is packed with a lot of amazing content, features and software applications that make it a perfect and high-quality TV Box. With the MXQ Pro, we were able to stream great video contents live with little or no financial obligation. The period of usage was a great one which broadened our knowledge base and we enjoyed it.

Unlike some other Android TV boxes that do fluctuate and break in transmission signal while in use, especially during streaming, the MXQ Pro TV Box differs with its consistent playing mode with both low and strong signal strength. Let’s continue below in order to better see what great features makes this particular device the best device for viewing contents.

MXQ Pro TV Box Review – Quality content streaming for less

Packaging and Contents

MXQ Pro TV Box Packaging

The MXQ Pro comes in a packaging material that is black in colour, with the words “OTT TV BOX” written in white colours at the upper part of the front of the package. At the middle, we have a picture of the TV box we expect to see when we open up the device.

MXQ Pro TV Box Package Back

Opening up the package, we can find one unit of the main product, the MXQ Pro TV Box.

MXQ Pro TV Box Package Contents & Accessories

Also, we have some accompanying accessories, so provided to allow for ease of use of this device. These include one IR remote, one HDMI cable, a power adapter that can be used in almost any part of the world, an RCA cable and a user manual in a preferred language.

MXQ Pro TV Box User Manual

If you’re planning to use this device without AC power supply a lot of times, you had better get two AAA batteries because there are none accompanying it in the package.

MXQ Pro TV Box Remote Controller

Package Contents
  • MXQ Pro TV Box.
  • IR Remote Controller.
  • HDMI Cord (x 1).
  • Power Adapter (x 1).
  • RCA Cable (x 1).
  • User Manual.


MXQ Pro TV Box Design

Upon handling this device for the first time, we were sceptical as to whether what we had been sent was what we ordered for due to the weight and the size of the MXQ Pro TV Box. While the entire package weighs about 522 grammes, the product itself weighs no more than 207 grammes, making it one of the lightest TV boxes currently available.

MXQ Pro TV Box Side View

The device is black in colour, with the product name, MXQ Pro 4K written on the top. It has a square shape and uses a nice plastic material as the cover. Despite it being made of plastic, we could feel the premium build of the device which means it could last longer and withstand fall or force.

MXQ Pro TV Box Ports

At the backside, there are some ports including one USB port, two TV connecting ports, one HDMI port, an Ethernet port and a power source port. It also has an SD card port which has been provided to read an external storage device and allow you to expand the default internal memory of the TV Box.

MXQ Pro TV Box Bottom Vents

Checking the bottom of this device, we can see that most of it is well perforated to allow outward passage of the heat being emitted so as to avoid damage or burn to any part of the device.


MXQ Pro TV Box Home Screen

The device is built on the Android operating system which is one of the most used in the TV Box industry. It is preinstalled with Android version 5.1, also known as Lollipop.

MXQ Pro TV Box Settings

MXQ Pro TV Box Hardware Details

The device comes with 1GB read-only memory (RAM) and a storage memory of about 8GB for saving the desired contents for future purposes.

MXQ Pro TV Box Storage Capacity

If you are like me who gets bored having to use one version of an operating system over a long period of time, worry no more, because the operating system of the MXQ Pro can be upgraded to version 6.0 Marshmallow, which currently is the highest available version (there is 7.0 Nougat, but that is only available for some Google devices for now).

The processor of the box has an upper clock speed of about 2.0GHz (one of the fastest TV Boxes in the industry). Thus, you can rest assured that content streaming and all-round use of this device would go faster and easier without any hitches.

Picture quality

MXQ Pro TV Box User Interface

Being a TV Box, the MXQ Pro has to be connected to a secondary device like monitors, television, projector and the likes for the contents to be seen. It is digitally constructed to display content in High definition (HD) resolution, although it might be underutilised when connected to a secondary source that negates the quality of the contents.

MXQ Pro TV Box Settings

MXQ Pro TV Box Display Resolution

MXQ Pro TV Box Video Player

Apart from this (on a normal day), the MXQ Pro offers a clear picture quality which makes streaming or watching videos via your SD Card a worthwhile experience.

MXQ Pro TV Box KODI Player

The device supports various types of audio and video contents. For audio contents, it supports the Media player 2 (MP2), media player 3 (MP3), WMA, WMV, and other common audio formats. It also supports MP4 files, Audio-Visual Interface (AVI), FLV and others. You can also use applications in the Microsoft office Package like Excel and PowerPoint on the MXQ Pro TV Box.


Since it is not designed with its own mobile network feature, the MXQ Pro requires being connected to another network source which can be through Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), Ethernet or any other possible means. The device is built with one of the latest Wi-Fi technologies in town (which aids the strength of the network) and a local area network (LAN) port for easy connectivity.

MXQ Pro TV Box Network Settings

Despite the above listed great features, the device lacks a Bluetooth feature for reasons best known to the manufacturing company but generally acceptable to end-users. The TV Box supports both 2G and 3G network bands.


The MXQ Pro TV Box is designed with a port to connect to the power source, and this connection is achieved via the power adapter bundled along with it. It is noted that the power adapter can be used in most countries, but it is better to indicate the country in which you will prefer to use it for the best adapter package. This is necessary because the standard power rate for countries differs from one another (although similar to each other).

On the flip side, the MXQ Pro TV Box doesn’t come with a power saving battery which would have come in handy when / where AC power sources can’t be reached. Though the batteries can be gotten separately, this comes at an extra cost.


The MXQ Pro TV Box is being sold at a price that is way cheaper than others providing almost the same features. It is being sold for around $38, although it varies from one store to the other due to the quantity and promotions being offered by the online marketplace as at the time of ordering.

Other features

MXQ Pro TV Box Cloud TV App

MXQ Pro TV Box Gaming & Performance

In case navigation and typing are needed, a keyboard or mouse can be attached to the device through the USB Type-A port. The device can also be used to access social media platforms like Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and others.

MXQ Pro TV Box Software Applications

With the MXQ Pro TV Box, you can easily search the internet and install most of Android applications.

  • Ability to stream content in different resolutions (4k and HD) without buffering.
  • The cheap price with great features makes it an attractive device.
  • The processor and the internal storage capacity is an outstanding one also.
  • The lack of a personal network is a setback for the device.
  • Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth support on this device.
  • The MXQ Pro TV Box comes with a boring interface which is a big deal for us.


If you are looking for a device which has almost everything, lovely features, offers a great viewing experience and comes at a low price, the MXQ Pro TV Box is one of the best in the industry at the moment.




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