What are the Meters M-Ear Bluetooth?

The Meters M-Ear Bluetooth are wireless earphones. Meters states that they’re “Bluetooth in-ear headphones you won’t lose”, because they clip together magnetically when they’re not in your ears.

Size-wise, they’re much larger than a true wireless pair such as the Apple AirPods. Sound quality is enjoyable, entry-level stuff – which is no surprise, given the wired M-Ear earphones cost just £40/$53.

However, the design needs work as they tend to slowly slip out of your ears, making them a poor choice for runners.

Design and comfort

The Meters M-Ear Bluetooth are neckband headphones. I find this the most practical type of wireless earphone, mainly because they tend to last a lot longer than ‘true wireless’ pairs. The latter’s batteries often drain in as little as three hours, whereas the M-Ear Bluetooth will last up to eight.