Meizu EP51 Review : Robust And Dynamic Sports Earphone

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Meizu was known for its high quality audio players, long before the smartphones. It therefore goes without saying about particular attention that the Chinese manufacturer pays into these in-ear sports audio products. Meizu EP51 promises to sustain the movements – comfort, strength,durability and the quality of sound. Come! Lace up your sneakers, play a beautiful song and go.


  • Headphones Type – Closed, In-Ear
  • Speaker – Dynamic
  • Cord length – NA
  • Weight – 15.3 g


Like many sports in-ear earbuds, EP51 features orange & black and white color schemess. In-ear phone is a trend well observed among motorists and other road speeders.

Ergonomics 4/5


Talking about the Meizu EP51 construction, it is a little unusual and slightly imposing design than conventional in-ear we are accustomed to that we are bound to anticipate discomfort. But slipped into our ears, EP51 is not so; not only it fits well in the ears for strides, but also extracts just as easily and offers excellent support. With a weight of 15.3 grams  Meizu EP51 is extremely light and  barely felt. A rare and easy maintenance in-ear earbud headphone.


Three pairs of different sized bud tips are included with Meizu EP51 Kit. Each of the silicone tips are provided with the popular “stabilizer” that slides into the ear cavity. Although light weighted, EP51 is very robust and waterproof (not justsweatproof ) – the best factor of any good product for athletes.


The power and volume control buttons perform all conventional functions, and other additional functions depending on long or one time press. For example, the volume control is via the + and – buttons, which are also used to move to the next / previous track.


But contrary to what one might think, this is the + button which is used to return to the beginning of the song while – go to the next track. The Meizu EP51 microphone, inbuilt with the headset, is advised to be used  in case of great necessity, but not if the alternative telephone is possible as it is not suitable for noisy environments.

In addition to the silicone tips, you are also entitled to a semi-hard case and micro-USB charging cable. Recharge is done in less than 2 hours for a promised use upto 6 hours. But the battery duration will depend on the volume at which you listen and bluetooth.



Frequency Response Curve

Meizu EP51 shows a responsive Bass and Treble in a controlled manner. A bump is observed in the middle of the audible spectrum that enhance mid-range frequencies giving something to counter the extreme while remaining intelligible. The membranes are quite responsive, generating low percussive and dynamic sound and maintaining good level of details.


Curve of Harmonic Distortion According to Frequencies

The distortion at some range level is not as one might wish, with some results of slight aggressiveness while listening to certain kinds of music – typically thehard rock or the trash , where  guitars and cymbals comprises melody and Meizu EP51 constraining responses around these mid-range frequencies. However, at moderate listening levels, the effect is far less annoying. The stereo field unfolds in a wide and pleasant manner.


Primary purpose of sports might not be watching videos, but you never know – the impulse response of the EP51 is around 150 ms, an acceptable value for watching a movie. Finally, the sound insulation is not impressive but just enough to partially cut the world while remaining alert.

  • Robust
  • Sweat-Proof
  • Comfortable and Light Weight
  • Easy to Insert
  • Good Support
  • Precise and Dynamic
  • Nice Stereo Width
  • Surprising Commands
  • Average Battery Life
  • Distortion in Mid-Range Frequencies

Conclusion – Meizu EP51 4/5

Meizu EP51 has just kept the promise by offering a very good, comfortable and supporting features  while being easy to insert and remove. Meizu EP51 also maintains sound performance with precise rendering and dynamics. However the distortion can be troublesome in the mid-range frequencies and a just enough battery life for time consuming sports activities.




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