Meike MK420 TTL Flash Review

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  • Good value for money
  • Good flash output
  • Belt pouch and slave stand included
  • 42GN rating
  • Quick lock lever
  • Built-in LED lights for video
  • Fingerprints show up easily

The Meike MK420 TTL flash is available for Fujifilm and has a Guide Number of 42 (GN42, ISO100, 105mm), an 18-105mm zoom range (14mm with diffuser). The flash also features 4 LED lights for video use and is available for around £125, which is noticeably cheaper than camera companies own flash guns, with prices around £440.


Meike MK420 For Fuji (3)

The flash has a zoom range of 18-105mm with a built-in wide-panel and bounce card. When using the built-in wide-panel, the coverage is extended down to 14mm.

The GN (Guide Number) is 42 at ISO100 and 105mm focal length and the flash supports TTL (Through-The-Lens) auto exposure being compatible with TTL for Fujifilm cameras.

The Meike MK420 is available for £125 from Amazon UK, which makes it much more competitively priced than manufacturer’s own flash guns. For example, the Canon 600XE-RT is priced at £449 with a GN of 60, and the Nikon SB900/910 with a GN of 54 is priced at £339.

The flash comes with a flash stand, a case, a lithium-ion battery, USB charger, USB cable, a diffuser, and a printed instruction manual. The flashgun has overheating protection (thermal cut) and will work wirelessly in remote master (HSS) / remote slave modes.

Meike MK420 For Fuji (8)

Key Features
  • GN42 Flash Rating (ISO100/105mm)
  • TTL / Manual / S1 / S2
  • Multi-function & front curtain / rear curtain sync
  • Up / Down -7/90 degrees, Left / Right 180 degrees swivel
  • LED lights / Model light
  • Motorised zoom for 18-105mm illumination
  • Wide-panel (14mm illumination)
  • Reflector Card
  • Hot shoe, USB port
  • Case and stand included
  • Overheating protection (Thermal cut)


Meike MK420 For Fuji (6)

To switch between TTL, and Manual modes you simply press the mode button. To switch the S1 and S2 modes you press the left button. To switch the LED lights on and off, you press the right button. Once these are on, you can adjust the level from 0 to 12. (0 is still on, but is the lowest setting).

Mounting the flash on the camera is straightforward, you simply slide the flash onto the hot-shoe and turn the clamping lever until it is firmly in place. To remove there is a release button that you have to press before you can release the clamp.

The flashgun feels well built with a pleasant design and feel, and the plastic feels solid, although the finish may not be to everyone’s tastes, as fingerprints showed up quite easily.

Angles available include a 7 degrees downwards tilt for macro lighting, as well as 45 / 60 / 75 degrees up and directly up. In addition, it can be rotated 180 degrees left and 180 degrees right to enable the flash to bounce off a wall behind you.

Flash modes:

  • TTL flash mode
  • Manual
  • S1/S2

Meike MK420 For Fuji (4)

The screen is clearly laid out with large buttons and controls making it easy to change and set options. The options available, as well as the control layout, is very similar to other branded flashguns, which should make it easy to switch to from another brand, and you can manually set the zoom position. The ready light turns green and you can hold this button if you want to use the modelling light.

Meike MK420 For Fuji (12)

Battery life – The flashgun uses a lithium-ion battery with a 1050mAh (7.4V) rating, this is rated for 300 to 2500 shots, depending on flash power. We managed to shoot a number of shots, with a flash recharge time of 1.1 seconds between shots.

Meike MK420 For Fuji (7)


Additional sample photos and product shots are available in the Equipment Database, where you can add your own review, photos and product ratings.

Flash examples

No flash, internal flash, Meike MK420 flash.

The flash unit delivers good illumination on default settings, and it was difficult to spot vignetting caused by the flash. You can manually set the zoom if you want to control the focus of the light. Using the flash as a slave was reliable, with very easy setup, using the Fujifilm X100 as the master thanks to its built-in flash.

MEIKE MK420 Sample Photos

Flash Close Portrait DSCF5643 | 1/420 sec | f/7.1 | 23.0 mm | ISO 400

Flash Portrait DSCF5647 | 1/400 sec | f/5.6 | 23.0 mm | ISO 400

Flash Portrait DSCF5649 | 1/450 sec | f/8.0 | 23.0 mm | ISO 400

Sample Photos – The flash head can be tilted downwards by 7 degrees for close-up macro photography. Although, using a lens that is too wide-angle and focusing too closely on the subject is likely to show an area that the flash is not able to illuminate, although this is likely to be the case with any traditional flashgun.

Using the flash exposure compensation on the flash worked well, although occasionally the flash was too bright with close subjects. The colour produced by the flash appears neutral and balances well when used in combination with the onboard flash of the camera.

Using the flash in a bounce position means the flash isn’t as harsh when shooting subjects at close range, and you can achieve a more natural looking image with the background lit more effectively.


Manufacturer MEIKE
Flash Guide Number (ISO100/m) 42m
Camera Dedication
  • Fujifilm
  • Sony
Flash Duration No Data
Power Source
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Weight 263g
Width 166mm
Height 66mm
Depth 36mm


The Meike MK420 TTL flash is quite compact, easy to use, and is compatible with Fujifilm camera. With a built-in reflector and bounce positions available, the flash can be used in a number of different ways, and with master and slave use, you can use the flash for more creative lighting setups. The flash is good value for money and would makes a good flash for Fujifilm cameras.




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