Marvel vs Capcom Infinite : First Impressions

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Launching September 19 on PS4, Xbox One and PC

marvel vs capcom infinite

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster

You can find the full list of confirmed fighters for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite below.

Marvel –

  • Black Panther
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Dormammu
  • Gamora
  • Ghost Rider
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Nova
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Spider-Man
  • Thanos
  • Thor
  • Ultron

Capcom –

  • Arthur
  • Chris
  • Chun Li
  • Dante
  • Frank West
  • Firebrand
  • Jedah
  • Haggar
  • Mega Man
  • Morrigan
  • Nemesis
  • Ryu
  • Sigma
  • Strider Hiryu
  • Spencer
  • X
  • Zero

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Preview by Simon Miller

When you take a minute to think about just how successful Capcom has been within the fighting genre it’s a bit overwhelming, but entries such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are just big reminders as to why this has become the developer’s niche. In short, it just knows what it’s doing.

Anyone that’s ever played the franchise before will know what to expect here because the brains behind it deliberately haven’t fiddled too much with foundations they know a certain audience loves. If anything it’s more of a major refinement and tweaking than a template overhaul but it’s hard to say that’s a bad move. MVC remains as fun as it always has.

The appeal should be obvious to a new player as well: Capcom takes a bunch of famous faces from Street Fighter and puts them in the same world as everyone’s favourite Marvel characters. When you think about it like that, how could you not be, in the least, a little intrigued? It’s the kind of crossover that more companies would benefit from embracing.

It works across the board, too, as you are able to witness Ryu vs Iron Man, Ken vs The Hulk, Chun-Li vs Captain Marvel and so many more besides. It’s absolute nonsense when you think about it out of context but it simply exists to serve as many fans as possible. It does this time and time again.

It gets better, too, because as before you don’t have straight one-on-one bouts and instead participate in multi-team brawls where you can call in a partner whenever you want. This not only allows you to enjoy the roster even more, but opens the door for some ridiculous combos and moves and it’s here where gameplay properly shines

Again, this is very similar to past entries, but because it’s so unique you can’t help but fall back into its addictive ways within minutes. Based on the concept that has made Capcom so successful for years you’ll still be tapping and quarter turning your way to victory, the shift being that everything is nuts and like an attack on the senses.

MVCi is much, much faster than your average fighting experience, so much so when you first sit down to play it you’ll likely be baffled. It’s not too out of the realms of possibility to have no clue what’s going on as characters bounce around the screen like they’re on a sugar high and colours flashing for seemingly no apparent reason.

This does make it incredibly fun because you can’t help but be mesmerised by how much is happening, even if you’re confused as to what you’re meant to take away from it at first. That works, however, because if you are the type of person who just wants to smash a control pad with your hand and enjoy yourself, you absolutely can. That may frustrate the more hardened player but balance is key, and Capcom usually always gets it right.

With that said, this other side does have to be catered for as well and the depth available is almost silly. Should you want to learn how deep you can go with MVCi there’s an abundance of ways to get lost within it, and the returning Infinity Stones just add to that even more.

Previously known as ‘Gems’ they simply exist as boosts so that your character has a new special power or buff. It all ties into your Infinity Meter – because of course – and activating them not only shifts you into an alternate universe (which is cool in and of itself) but puts you in a position where you have a serious advantage.

It’s also where you can gain access to higher combos, but the real appeal of it is how it can turn the tide of a fight. You can be on the end of an absolute mauling, but managing to use these wisely can put you in the driving seat. It’s a simple, yet excellent, mechanic.

These stones also tie into the story mode where, naturally, our group of heroes teams up to stop an evil threat. Within the first five minutes you see Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins having a chat with Captain America and if that’s not enough to at least put a smile on your face you’re dead inside. It’s too silly not to.

And sure, this is mostly throwaway stuff to keep you distracted for a little while, but it’s still nice it’s there. It’s where the brains behind it truly embrace the madness of it all and run with it without a hint of irony. Mega Man having a chat with Thor, for example, is never meant to be taken seriously. Furthermore, where else are you going to see that, other than a weird dream you may have?

First Impressions

So it certainly seems to be business as usual, but with some serious refinement by Capcom to make this feel like the smoothest iteration of the series yet. It flows better than it did previously and the overall package will keep you busy for some time. A lot has been put into it and it has all the makings of one of the best fighters in 2017.

That should result in fans who have been clamouring for a new one ever since the last entry feeling justified for holding out hope whereas a beginner who loves Marvel and is intrigued can get as much out of it.

That’s no bad thing either and is in fact the bar all fighting games should seek out. When it’s perfected the experience is usually a worthy one, and from the current vantage point that’s exactly what MVCi is.




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