LYW9 Smartwatch Review – A Self-Reliant watch with a Heart Rate Sensor for $30

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Ever dreamt of a smartwatch featuring a heart rate sensor and an independent functionality for $30 only? And a design that appears to be similar to Samsung Gear S2. Hmm… Maybe a younger brother. A less-unknown smartwatch straight from the Chinese land known as ‘LYW9 Smartwatch‘, highlights all the above-mentioned features. All this for a stupendous price so that the pleasure of having a smartwatch never limits to a specific audience, mostly rich ones. Let’s get into the details of this incredible smartwatch.

LYW9 Smartwatch 1

 Design and Appearance

Like previously said, the LYW9 Smartwatch considerably resembles the renowned Samsung Gear series. The circular skeleton of the watch seems to be manufactured from an Aluminum metal alloy making it robust and lightweight at the same time. The round bezels like the Gear S2 further enhance its elegance.

LYW9 Smartwatch featured

Meanwhile, LYW9 Smartwatch has a physical dimension of 4.30 (l) x 1.30 (w) x 1.28 (h) and weighs only 54 grams. Seriously, with those bezels and use of metal, it could have been a bulky one. But in reality, this doesn’t appear to be a problem looking at the weight. Whereas the strap of the watch is made up of silicon.

Mentioning the button placement, we have the lock screen and power buttons on the right side of the watch along with the speaker and the mic port on the left. The two buttons do not appear to be popping out by looking directly at the front screen giving LYW9 an ugly side. But vice-versa, they are embedded in the watch. Sadly, this time, we don’t have a built-in camera.

LYW9 Smartwatch design

On the rear, we have the Micro USB port, Magnetic charging port, and the heart rate sensor. Thankfully, rear cover at the center can be removed easily to insert an SIM.

To be specific, LYW9 Smartwatch appears to have a solid design, elegant look and is IP67 certified.


LYW9 Smartwatch has a 1.3-inch capacitive display with a resolution of240x240p. The resolution is not as much high as in No.1 D5 but for that screen size and the amazing price, it’s worth praising. The colors are bright and sharp.


Even the watch’s display is vivid under sunlight when the brightness is maximized. It is really awkward to see the thin black boundary surrounding the screen. But, this boundary is present in almost every Chinese product.


We want to make one thing clear that smartwatches are never meant to deliver some stunning power but their hardware is configured to give the maximum energy saving. So, we won’t see a Snapdragon 820 or Helio X20 inside it. But, we’ll experience the energy efficient processor known as MediaTeK MTK6261. The processor is further accompanied by 32MB of RAM which is enough to operate the built-in apps and store data.

LYW9 Smartwatch processor

On the other side, we can not use LYW9 Smartwatch as a media storing device as the internal storage is only 128MB with no memory expansion option. But the Chinese watch is ideal for storing pictures and audio.


Now heading to the selling point of the terminal. Apart from the standardBluetooth v3.0 connectivity which is common in every smartwatch, LYW9 Smartwatch has an independent connectivity as it supports GSM network along with the option of inserting a Nano SIM through the rear of the watch.

LYW9 Smartwatch SIM

However, it is fair not to have a WiFi connectivity under $30 and seriously for what will we use WiFi, for internet connection or for data transfer. Sadly both features are not present in the watch. But we are satisfied with the independent networking as we don’t have to be dependent on the smartphone anymore. Are we right or not?

OS and Features

Despite the independent connectivity, the case is not same with the operating system. We mean to say that LYW9 Smartwatch doesn’t have an Independent Android System, instead it has a standard OS used in Chinese smartwatches. There’s no play store to download any app. But even with this limitation, the built-in apps works quite well from our expectation.

LYW9 Smartwatch OS

There are many clock faces available in the system and we can see the messages from Facebook, Twitter and more on the screen of the smartwatch via push notification.

LYW9 Smartwatch Features

Moreover, the features of LYW9 Smartwatch are also worth mentioning. It’s too rare for us to see a smartwatch with a heart rate sensor under $30. Apart from theheart rate sensor, we also have Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor, Anti-theft, and Music playing. All these features work precisely and accurately like in other smartwatches but less the price.


Under the hood, LYW9 Smartwatch is powered by a 300mAh non-removable battery. For the rookies, the amperes seems to me less than those in smartphones. Seriously, these amperes are enough to drive the watch for a week on a single charge. All the credit goes to the energy efficient processor and the minute display.

LYW9 Smartwatch battery

Specification Sheet of LYW9 Smartwatch

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable Price
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Independent Network (2G)
  • Solid Design
  • Mediocre resolution
  • No Android
  • No WiFi and 3G

Even though LYW9 Smartwatch has some cons but the watch is the cheapest when it comes to independent run, a heart rate sensor and a solid metallic design under $30.

LYW9 Smartwatch 2

Price And Availability

If any of our readers is interested in purchasing this product, they can get it from Gearbest for a discounted price of $28.99 on Gearbest. Remember one thing that the shipping of this smartwatch will start from July 9 and onwards. LYW9 Smartwatch is available in two colors: Black and Silver.

LYW9 Smartwatch colors available




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